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Sep 29, 2009 07:03 PM

Store-bought hashbrowns w/ onions and peppers

This board is helping me solve my canned tuna dilemma elsewhere, but I also have an issue regarding hashbrowns.

I allow myself a breakfast of hashbrowns and fried eggs about every 4 days or so. I bought frozen hashbrown for quite a while and liked them, until i tried frozen potatoes O'Brien, which has onions and peppers in it. More interesting and flavorful!

But................. I don't like the consistency of the little square-cut potatoes the makers use or the way they don't cook up as fully either.

Is there a store-bought combo of hashbrowns with onions and peppers??? Who makes it? Who sells it? What about another way of arriving at the same result....... short of having to cook up my own onions & peppers (takes too long).


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  1. Are you near a Trader Joe's? They have decent frozen 'fire roasted' pepper and onion mix.

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      1. re: Midlife

        The only frozen potatoes at my local TJs are the pre-formed patties. Yuk!

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          I think ginnyhw is referring to a mix of onions and peppers without potatoes . . . I have used those from trader joes and find them fairly good for quick cooking . . . just throw in with your favorite hash browns from wherever . . .

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            I think I just put my response in the wrong place. Somewhere else someone referred to frozen has browns at TJs. I'd have to break up the patties to use them, so I thought there must be other kinds too.

            I haven't found anything like a mix of onions and peppers at my local TJs. Is it frozen or jarred, raw or cooked? Also, see my post down below about the idea of making my own and freezing it.

            1. re: Midlife

              At my TJ I've bought them in a bag in the freezer section . . . I think if you cooked them separately first and then added the hash browns and cooked all together you'd be on to a possible solution . ..

              1. re: vday

                Found them today. Will give them a try this coming week. Thanks.

    1. they also have shredded potatoes o'brien, might help with the texture. I've never noticed a difference in either cut if you use the o'brien. Interesting

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        I need to pay more attention at TJ's. Albertson's brand AND the Ore-Ida I've bought there both have O'brien in square cut and hash in shredded. That's the only way I see them there but I do recall a frozen shredded O'brien somewhere in my memory. Hence this topic.

        The square cut just don't seem to cook up as well in the time I'm giving them. I guess I could slow things down, but I have a sortof rhythm to the morning.

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          I need to ask what brand you've seen of shredded hash browns w/ onions and peppers. I keep thinking I once saw them from Ore-Ida (or similar) but haven't seen them at our local markets recently. All I see now is cubed O'brien and plain has browns. Ore-Ida's site shows a Country Inn Creations Hash Brown w/ onions and peppers but that name doesn't sound familiar and I'm sure that's not what I remember.

        2. In this region (Pacific NW), there used to be refrigerated product called Simply Potatoes, or something similar, next to the eggs and dairy. It was fresh-ish, in that it wasn't frozen, and their Potatoes O'Brien were shredded, not cubed.

          1. The frozen O'Brien potatoes don't work well. The onions and peppers contain too much water and it just cooks into a mess. I suggest buying just the frozen hash browns,cooking them until crips outside/soft in the middle, and then adding your own sauted onions and peppers.

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              Doesn't mesh very well with my 'quick preparation' breakfast rule. I've thought about chopping up a bunch of onions and peppers in advance but I only eat this stuff about twice a week, so freshness is an issue. Somewhere up thread someone mentioned frozen pepper/ onion products but I haven't seen one in my markets. May try making pepper/onion 'ice cubes' and keeping them that way. Tried onion salt and that sure didn't do it for me.

            2. UPDATE:

              TJ's frozen packaged roasted peppers and onions cooked with Ore-Ida (or store brand) shredded hash browns is just what I was looking for. Just as easy as if they were bagged together and better as I can adjust the mix.

              And the peppers/onions thing is a good time-saver for other recipes if I'm stuck without the proper ingredients.