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Sep 29, 2009 06:44 PM

Berkeley: Quince Cafe & Grill - Grass-fed beef burgers, house-made yogurt cheese, Near East potato hash

Qunice just looks like a sunny friendly neighborhood breakfast and lunch spot. Look closer at the menu and there are nice touches such as seasonal house-made jam. There are Middle Eastern accents such as Eastern spiced fries and hand rolled raisin and walnut dolmas

The banana bread is house-made but most of the baked goods are from Semifreddie. The coffee is by McLauglin and the buns for the burgers are from Acme.

I stopped by just to see what they were serving and only had the house-made pommegranate lemonade. It was a lovely pink with a nice balance of tart, tangy and sweet.

I'll post the simple menu in the first link. It is about a block from Maiz and a few blocks from Jack in the Box.


Closed Sunday
Mon-Fri; 6:30 am - 2:30 pm
Sat: 7 am - 2:30 pm

Quince Cafe & Grill
2228 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

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    Hot breakfast special $5.99
    2 eggs, spiced near east potato hash, toast & bacon

    Two cheese spinach and mushroom omelet $6.95
    Provolone & feta cheese and grilled mushrooms

    Mediterranean scramble $7.50
    Eggs scrambled with homemade walnut-basil pesto, red onions and provolone cheese

    Breakfast sandwiches served on bagel, sourdough or whole wheat toast
    Substitute croissant for $.75 extra

    - w/butter $1.75
    - w/butter and housemade seasonal jam $2
    - w/cream cheese $2
    - w/housemade yogurt cheese and grill vegetables $2.75
    - w/organic peanut butter and housemade seasonal jam $2.75
    - w/cilantro hummus $3.25
    - w/herb egg $3.95
    - w/herb egg, spinach & feta $4.75
    - w/herb egg & cheese $3.95
    - w/herb egg, cheese & bacon $4.05

    Extras: tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, sundried tomatoes or capers $.75 extra

    Housemade granola and milk $3.95
    Housemade yogurt with seasonal fruit and yogurt $4.75
    Steelcut oatmeal with brown sugar syrup, Medjool dates and butter $4.50

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      All sandwiches served with spicy ketchup and roasted garlic aioli made in-house

      Burger $8.50
      1/4 lb grass-fed beef served on Acme bun

      Turkey breast $7.25
      House-roasted all natural turkey breast served on sourdough

      Veggie club $6.95
      Seasonal grilled veggies, cilantro hummus & provolone on sourdough

      Albacore tuna and havarti melt $6.95
      Albacore tuna salad, havarti cheese on grilled sourdough

      Add cheese $.50 bacon $.95 or herb fries $1.75


      Pomegranate vinaigrette, cilantro vinaigrette and Caesar all made in-house

      Mediterranean $7.95
      Quinoa Tabboulah, housemade dolmas, hummus & grilled pita served over mixed greens and tossed in pomegranate vinaigrette

      Spinach mushroom frittata served over mixed greens $5.50

      Garden salad $4.95
      Mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes & radish

      Caesar Salad $5.50
      Crisp Romaine, housemade Caesar dressing, grated parmesan & housemade croutons

      Add chicken or turkey $2.75 or hummus $1.75

      Served with focaccia

      Veggie barley $4.25

      Lunch sides
      Eastern spiced fries $2.75
      Quinoa Tabboulah, $2.95
      Grilled seasonal vegetables $2.50
      Hand rolled raisin & walnut grape leaf dolmas (4 per order) $2.95
      Orzo pasta with pesto, tomatoes & fresh mozzarella $2.75

    2. The restaurant link disappeared. Adding it again

      Quince Cafe & Grill
      2228 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

      1. RWO, you are always so quick to get all the info on the newest places--thanks! And to nit-pick just a bit--it is on the same block as Maiz, and since Jack-in-the-Box is kitty-corner from Maiz, it is also really less than a block from J-i-t-B.

        I will be heading here soon and will report back!

        1. I stopped by for a lovely lunch today.

          I ordered the tuna melt, which was perfectly pleasant, served with pickled red onions, and the quinoa tabouleh which was very flavorful. My friend ordered the soup of the day, which was barley with chicken, thick and rich with a milk-based broth. She loved it. She also had the beet salad which was a very good version.

          The service was very friendly, offering to get us other things (the owner noticed I didn't eat the bread and offered to bring me a different kind of bread!), refilling our tea, etc.

          I will definitely be back to this neighborhood cafe.