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Sep 29, 2009 06:31 PM

Shiitake mushrooms $2/lb... what's a girl to do?

Yep, I gave in. Can you blame me? I have a couple of pounds and there are more where these came from.

Can you help me with your favorite ways to enjoy shiitake mushrooms? (I'm not so great with meat but can make it happen with ample coaching.)

Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Roast them! Toss with a bit of sesame oil, ginger, soy sauce and water; place on a big sheet pan and roast in a 450 degree oven for 15 - 20 minutes. Watch for browning.

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    1. re: potluck

      this sounds wonderful! Am I aiming for crispy edges or should I stop when I see impending browning? Thanks!

      1. re: miss louella

        I roast them with just a bit of olive oil and pepper and then use as a pizza topping. Fabulous on whole wheat crust with goat cheese.

        1. re: cheesecake17

          That's what I do too! Only I use gruyere and once the pizza is out of the oven, I top with arugula that's been tossed with a dash of lemon juice. That pepperyness really helps cut the richness of the cheese and mushrooms.

          1. re: LNG212

            I serve arugula salad with the pizza also! But DH claims he doesn't like arugula, so I'm left putting the salad on my slices... he doesn't know what he's missing!

            1. re: cheesecake17

              That is too bad ... for him! My dh adores the peppery spark of arugula and will gladly hog all of it if I don't serve quickly enough. Mushrooms and arugula go great together.

    2. Make cream of mushroom soup. Saute mushrooms, garlic and onions. Add reconstituted porcini mushrooms and their liquid after being strained (I find porcini essential). Add chicken stock and simmer about 30 minutes. Add whipping cream and then puree. Do the S&P stuff of course. Please do not add flour as I hate with a passion what flour does to soups and sauces.

      I once made it for my SIL and her kids. One of her kids, who hates (hated?) mushrooms had 4 bowls of the stuff.

      1. Dry them, and powderize them in the blender, then add to all sorts of things, like to meat that's going on the grill! I do with with porcinis and love it.

        1. Lucky you! Mushrooms freeze very well - raw, steamed, sauteed, etc. I freeze shiitakes all the time and with excellent results.

          You might try a web search for "freezing + mushrooms". I believe there are lots of sites with suggestions for preparation (tray pack, dry pack, par boiling, etc.) and recommended storage times.

          1. Braised Shiitake and onions. Great recipe from one of my Korean cookbooks. It's not spicy, just slightly sweet and very rich and succulent tasting. Boil 1.5 c of water with 1T of soy sauce, 1T sesame oil, 2 t maple syrup, add 10-15 shiitake (caps only and cut in half), and 1/2 diced onion and 5 crushed cloves of garlic. Reduce heat and simmer until everything melds together and liquid has reduced to a rich sauce. Garnish with sesame seeds and green onion.

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            1. re: BigSal

              YUM! Would this work with dried, I wonder? today's abundance is fresh, but I have a reliable source for dried too.

              1. re: miss louella

                I've never tried it, but I bet it would still work. The biggest difference would be the texture of the shiitake. I think the fresh ones really puff up and absorb the liquid and are buttery soft, but either way, I think they'd be good.