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Sep 29, 2009 06:23 PM

Manhattan Steakhouse sizzling bacon appetizers

I have had this bacon in several steakhouses, and it is sometimes referred to as "Canadian" bacon, but is unlike any other Canadian bacon I have ever had. Where could one procure this great stuff?

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  1. As in Peter Luger? It really is the best stuff on this earth. I think there's been other discussions on chowhound over the years but I can't point you to them directly. From what I researched on my own on this, it's tough to find if at all and not sold in the form you see at Luger even at meat markets in NYC. If you mean another type of bacon, I'm not sure what that may be.

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    1. re: jac0077

      Yes, the Luger/Wolfgang's/MarkJoseph/BenandJack's type of bacon...any help anyone?

      1. re: steakman55

        I just had some at Wolfgangs tonight :)

        1. re: shanshan

          Bumping this old thread up because I'm wondering, now 3 years later, if this is what's now commonly known as "pork belly"...or is it again something else?

          1. re: Eujeanie

            Bacon is from pork belly and smoked. Canadian bacon is also called back bacon, and more like ham. The Peter Luger bacon doesn't look like belly to me, however, here is a link from an old CH thread:
            But they say Schaller and Webber is where they get it from

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              I havent had the bacon at Luger (but recall the bacon at Keens as being the highlight of my last meal there) BUT i did buy a bacon flight in the hammagedon area at Googa Mooga a few weeks back and can say that Schaller and Webber was, by a good margin, my favorite of the bacons in the tasting (i was surprised at how sweet i found Benton's, it was just not my thing).

        2. re: steakman55

          The BEST I've had - that far surpassed Lugers - was at Club A Steakhouse. Seriously, the best - you MUST try!

          1. re: LeahBaila

            Marc Joseph's and Wolfgang's is pretty damn good. Marc Joseph's calls it Canadian Bacon on his menu. But to repeat to the OP, they say Schaller and Webber is where Luger gets it from.