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Sep 29, 2009 06:20 PM

Need to get out of NYC on my birthday

My birthday is coming up and I have a rare access to a car. I need to take little day trip somewhere... that has some good food and scenery. Maybe upstate? Maybe Long Island. I looked at lunch at Mohonk Lodge in New Paltz and it seemed a little pricey ($65pp). Any suggestions? I work in an inner-city high school and would love a breath of fresh air!

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  1. Oh! How about Blue Hill Stone Barns? You could take a little tour of the farm and then have lunch there.

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    1. re: potluck

      That was actually the top of my list! It's a good trip?

      1. re: nicholel

        its a easy trip apprx 32 miles from mid town nyc...n a weekend with no traffic 45 mins

    2. I was thinking Blue Hill also, like potluck said you could take a little tour of the farm or not to far from there (you would need a car though) are the tours for the Rockefeller estate. Blue Hill is part of the Rockefeller estate but I was thinking of Kykuit....the big house........
      Or if you would like to be down by the river maybe something like Red Hat Grill in Irvington......
      or Harvest on Hudson in Hastings on Hudson......
      you would not need a car for either of the last 2, they are right by the train station.
      Mohonk Mountain House is a beautiful place but it's a far ride and I would only go if it was good weather and I think I would eat somewhere else in the New Paltz area. I've eaten at Mohank and while I really enjoyed the brunch there, dinner was not worth the price. But if your up for a day of hiking, the grounds are beautiful.

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      1. re: GIOny

        I also second Blue Hill for an out of the city experience. I much prefer the Blue Hill in WC to that in the city...

        1. re: RawTunaFan

          So Blue Hill it was. Was a cool experience. We had a tour by one of the gardeners who was very knowledgeable about the whole operation. Made me want to bring my students there. Afterwards we had a simple lunch in the cafe. But we weren't too hungry as we sampled fruit along the way.

          Really pretty place. The hogs were adorable - so friendly and fat. They looked very happy living out in the woods.

      2. You could drive over the Tappan Zee to Piermont (NY) and have dinner at either Kelly's Xavier's or Freelance Cafe.

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          No lunch at Xaviers in Piermont or Freelance. The food at Mohonk Mountain house is less than worthy of the long drive - lunch is a very institutional buffet. Blue Hill is a good bet, Red Hat too.

        2. Do you want lunch or dinner. My favorite restaurant is the Iron Forge Inn in Warwick, but it's only open for dinner. Excellent food and beautiful location though.

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          1. re: Avalondaughter

            Look more toward lunch. But that place looks grand. Maybe I can get a Saturday dinner out of it!

          2. i think the name is thayer hall, in west point academy, weekdn buffets, short dirive, great scenery etc etc

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