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Sep 29, 2009 06:09 PM

DC Chowhound in Houston - how's my restaurant itinerary for 3 days in Houston?

Flying into Houston to do some serious chow hounding - here's the food itinerary - any suggestions, recommendations, changes?

Day 1
Lunch - Sichuan Cuisine
Dinner - Reef

Day 2
Lunch - Otilia's
Dinner - Indika

Day 3
Lunch - Banana Leaf
Dinner - Hugo's

Wanted to get a good mix of ethnic and fine dining....thoughts? Changes? I love brunch at Hugo's but I don't know whether Banana Leaf is worth a dinner trip.

Would appreciate any feedback!

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  1. I can't speak to banana leaf as I've never been, but your itinerary looks pretty good. I would suggest skipping Otilia's. Perhaps put Banana Leaf at lunch for day 2, Hugo's for Lunch and Feast for dinner on day 3?

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      Yeah pleen, you've done your research well. I would also agree with removing Otilia's and throwing Feast into the mix.

      Can't go wrong with doing lunch at Banana Leaf. Recommend getting the roti canai and the crispy tofu. I had no clue about Malaysian food before eating here, and it's nice that the servers are very friendly and accommodating. Also noticed your post about Sichuan, sounds like you can handle some heat so be sure to ask them to make your food spicy.

    2. I would say skip Sichuan Cuisine. Unless you have a large group you will not be able to enjoy the Sichuan hot pot which looks to be their specialty. I believe they require at least two people (I could be wrong) but it is a hefty pot for one person to conquer.

      I am from Dallas and travel to Houston almost every month. Sichuan Cuisine was on par with Sichuanese Cuisine in Plano which is not nearly as good as Little Sichuan in Plano.

      I had five dishes on my last visit to Sichuan Cuisine. Ma Po Tofu, Eggplant in a Sichuan sauce, Crispy Fried Pig Instestines with Dried Chilies, Dragon Dumplings and a Long Bean dish. The Ma Po Tofu tastes exactly like Sichuan Cuisine (literally no difference). So that lead me to believe they used a canned sauce not fresh. It was reaffirmed at Little Sichuan when I tried the same dish. The pig intestines were probably the worst dish, as they still maintained a sulphur like taste. I have had several dishes with pig intestines and never the taste, possible cleaning problem? The dried chilies (not Sichuan peppercorns) were nothing more than the packaged kind thrown in with about 8 chilies per piece of meat. There were more chilies than one person could ever eat, they were not fried or toasted, just plain. The waitress was adamant about me leaving any intestine on my plate without taking it to go. I gave in and took it home.

      I am not familiar with the Chinese dining scene in DC but I would say to hold your Sichuan dinner until you visit Dallas (Little Sichuan). It was decent and I have high expectations comparing it to Little Sichuan. I would go for another Chinese or even Vietnamese eatery in Houston. Just my two cents

      Sichuan Cuisine
      9114 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77036