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I love calamari!
Best that I have experienced in the bay area so far would be Barbara's Fish Trap in HMB, or Sam's in Tiburon. Do any of you have recommendations for calamari spots that are a "must"?

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  1. The salt and pepper squid at both Yuet Lee and Heaven's Dog come to mind.

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      I love the s&p squid at Heaven's Dog...I still need to try Yuet Lee's version.

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        Yuet Lee's food is not too bad. Haven't tried their squid yet. Their service is not very good. Do watch for rude waitresses , I 've seen that happened a couple of times to some customers.

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          Here are a few observations on Yuet Lee service. Check the first few posts.

    2. The grilled calamari with white beans at Delfina is outstanding.

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          If you guys are interested in catching your own calamari, there is no limit on how many Humboldt Squid you can keep. Check out the video from the Huli Cat out of Pillar Pt Harbor. You can stock your freezer with this stuff. I think deep frying is the best method for cooking this type of squid. The captain and deckhand said they take their catch to Princeton Seafood at the harbor and pay them a fee to cook it. Each of these squid weigh 25-50 pounds with some hitting 70. The edible part weighs about 7-10 pounds and is about the size of a door mat.


        2. Joe's of Westlake. They deep fry the calimari and then saute them in marinara. Outstanding!

          Joe's of Westlake
          11 Glenwood Ave, Daly City, CA 94015

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            Calamari a la Joe's! Served with a side of Tartar sauce as well. Every time I'm at Joe's of Westlake, I will order Calamari a la Joe's.

          2. I had excellent fried calamari at Duarte's in Pescadero many years ago.

            This past Friday night, I had very good fried calamari at Tommaso's (San Fran). The portion ($14.00) is large (easily enough for 2 people to share) and served with a cup of their warm marinara sauce and a sliced lemon. The calamari was not greasy at all.

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              A second on the calamari at Duarte's. A lot of fried items at Duarte's is only okay but the calamari is very good.

            2. I agree with both Barbara's Fish Trap and Sam's, with the edge to Sam's. But, I had a non-fried, calamari at Piperade tonight ("A la plancha") that was phenomenal. I would go back just for that dish.

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                Yes, I had that dish recently as well. Very tasty. It is served as an appetizer and is a rather small portion

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                  Third that rec. Delicious preparation at Piperade, probably in top 20 tastes of 2009 for me. I didn't think the portion was too small, we shared it 5 ways and each got a nice satisfying bite with leftovers for whoever wanted "seconds."

              2. I'm with you. I have a hard time not ordering it when I see it, with as many bad preparations as there are. Sea Salt in Berkeley usually has an excellent grilled version with pesto. One of my favorites.

                1. Although it might not be on the menu for very long, I had a superb braised calamari appetizer at Nopa last week. In fact, our entire dinner was fabulous -- one of those nights where you feel the restaurant is firing on all cylinders.

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                    Nopa often has delicious calamari on the menu in some form or another. I fondly remember a warm just-cooked mixed calamari salad with gently pickled onion slivers, some type of greens, and a bunch of other components that all worked together deliciously. It was also remarkably light and healthy.