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Sep 29, 2009 05:42 PM

Lunch while driving on Interstate 40...NC & TN

We would love to stop, while on a long trip, & eat a decent lunch. No fast food. We will be on I 40 going thru Dandridge, Newport, Hartford, Waterville, Cove Creek or Jonathan, just in time for lunch. We would like to find a restaurant that is not to far from the exit, & kind of casual. Any recommendtions?

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  1. I don't recognize many of the towns you mention...I think they are all in TN? Will you be in NC?

    1. If you want to stop in Knoxville which is just before you get to Dandridge, I recommend taking Wright's Cafeteria. Home made yeast rolls, home made pies, sweet tea, southern veggies. It is on Middlebrook Pike. Take the Gallaher View exit off 40/75 and go Left, west, until you hit Middlebrook(if you pass Sam's Club you are going in the right direction) When you come t Middlebrook, turn Right and go about 5 miles. You will a Hardee's and Wrights is just across from the Hardees.

      1. Also if you want to get off the interstate and go over to Dandridge, there a a couple of places. Dandridge has the court house so there are small place to eat near that. Can't think of any names but I ate at a sandwich shop that was tasty.

        1. About ten miles west of the first Dandridge exit on I 40 is the Strawberry Plains exit. Puleo's there is the first of what's become a local chain. The food is fresh, and good with everything from small pizzas to excellent fried green tomatoes to southern favorites to salads. Quiet and relaxed and a local favorite.
          We've eaten a few places in Newport and now wait until we are closer to home so we can stop at Puleo's.

          1. From Dandridge I-40 Exit 417 you can easily access two of my favorite local eateries. Heading north from the interchange, turn left at the light that would take you to the Pilot Truck Plaza. Pass it and continue up the hill for 1/4 mile. Grandslam Pizza and Wings will be on the righthand side. Great BBQ and ribs and more.

            If you head south off the interchange for a couple of miles you will come to a right turn into the Dandridge Downtown area (all two blocks of it). Caddy corner at the stop sign is Smokey's Restaurant. Good stuff! Enjoy your lunch, wherever it may be.