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Sep 29, 2009 05:02 PM

Where to eat in Regina, Saskatchewan

Hey guys, you've always come through for me, but this is a hard one. I'm looking for a great independent restaurant in Regina where I can entertain business clients. I'm heading to Regina in late October and want to know about the best restaurants in town that aren't chains. I can eat at The Keg anywhere in Western Canada, so why go to Regina and dine there.

Where can I go for dinner? Lunch and breakfast? I prefer if you mentioned something in downtown Regina since I don't wnat to taxi all across the city. Help!


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  1. Although I haven't been there, I have heard great things about "The Willow on Wascana". Seems to have a solid focus on local food. Not right downtown, but a five minute cab ride.

    The Diplomat is a good Steakhouse located right downtown.


    1. I would suggest trying La Bodega on Albert Street. Its very good food, with an interesting menu. Its in a very nice older house which has been renoed. Another place is Beer Brothers on Scarth. It used to be Alfredos. It has a huge beer menu, but the food is very good. They have things like jerk trout sanwiches, pulled pork pizzas with red cabbage. There is a large informal space and a more formal restaurant attached. These are the two places I usually go to, I go back about 3 times a month for work.

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        It has been a few years since I was last in Regina but back then the place I enjoyed the most ...both lunch and dinner... was the Creek in Cathedral Bistro. Limited menu but more interesting food than the other spots I had tried. I ate there three or four times during the few days I was there.

        Willow that Jake mentioned I had read about in our local [Edmonton] newspaper was one I had heard about, but did not get any feedback from people when I asked about it so I gave it a pass as I was dining solo.

        I did try La Bodega that sackman mentioned with "mixed results" but again that was just the one time in mid-afternoon when I skipped the conference I was attending and I was looking for something to snack on.

        One place I had been warned off was owned least at that time... by the same person who owned La Bodega. It was out in a strip mall toward the eastern end of the city off the highway. I think it was called Mediterranean or something off that theme. Chain-like look but the fish I had was excellent at lunch.

        I think I read on this web-site or elsewhere that Danby's downtown in what used to be an old men's club had converted itself into a restaurant or wine bar. Perhaps Sackman or others who are locals can advise.

        Had one dinner at Golf's Steakhouse downtown a block or three from the Delta where I was staying. It was not the kind of place I would ordinarily go to, i.e. old, dark furniture, red shag rug, waiters with papillon bow ties, etc. but after walking all around downtown trying to find a place interesting on my first evening in [ a Sunday] I ended up at it more out of default. Quite frankly it was "old style" as can be expected but was quite good for someone who is not particularly, a "big slab of beef and potatoes" kind of guy [smile].

      2. I just tried a restaurant in Regina called The Abbey. They make everything there from scratch and it has some very interesting things on the menu.

        The only negatives are that it's a little pricey and the portions aren't the biggest I've seen. The desserts are to die for though!

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          Creek in Cathedral and The Willow are tops in my eyes. Both local and very good. If it is warm you can also sit on the deck over the lake at the Willow.

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            Check out Often they have reports on new restaurants.

            Also try Zest which is in the Science Centre. Beautiful location. Great food.

          2. Well everyone I'm here and one of my first stops was LaBodega. I order a ceasar salad and steak frites. There was nothing special about the salad but the streak frites was delicious. The steak was done in brandy reduction. The thick, sweet, tasty sauce was a nice surprise under the fries. Frites were a bit salty but the steak made up for it.

            Next food stop was a Greek restaurant on Scarth street. The Greek salad was very disapointing. I think the vegetables had been sitting in the dressing all day. I judge a Greek restaurant by its salad. In my opinion, if it can't serve a basic salad, then there's no hope for the rest of the menu. Luckily, I only ordered a rib appetizer. Ribs were OK but nothing special.

            I've got two more days so I hope to try out Wascana and The Abbey.

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