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Sep 29, 2009 04:34 PM

Food for a party - but not a caterer

I am having a surprise party for a friend and want to provide a variety of hors d'oeuvres including some that are fairly substantial (think small beef tenderloin sandwiches or spring rolls) but don't want to have it formally catered. Can anyone recommend a deli or specialty food sore (or something related) that will provide trays of hors d'oeuvres (some refer to these as "party trays") that I can just pickup?

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  1. Whole Foods does a large variety of party trays. A little more interesting than the other grocery store options, but just as easy to order and pick up.

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      I've eaten from great mixed app platters by PCC, and Salumi will give you a memorable meat platter, if pricey. I once asked Tam (say Tom), at Tamarind Tree, to make me a batch of his excellent fresh Spring Rolls, and it worked very well. Any of the BBQ places around town can accomodate, I'm sure. The point here, I guess, is that you can be your own caterer, but this will mean recruiting runners to get out to the sources to pick up the loads timely. It was fun when we did this. Kau Kau, in the I.D. will present however many pounds of BBQ pork you like.

    2. Seattle Deli, in the ID/Central District, has lots of great Vietnamese food that might easily lend itself to heavy apps (spring rolls, bahn mi that could be cut for small sandwiches, noodle salads that could go into cupcake cups, etc.). They might even do party trays, although I've never asked about them there.

      Good luck, and please report back if you find any places with terrific (or terrible) trays!

      1. Have you checked out ? They have sliders that would be perfect for your party. They use all sorts of gourmet ingredients and ship them frozen to your door. Get a couple of packs of dinner rolls and you are set. I have tasted them and they are ridiculously good.