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Sep 29, 2009 04:30 PM

Help me plan a group event with my limited budget

Was wondering if anybody could help me with ideas for organizing a group event for 50 people from my workplace.

Morning/early afternoon event, around 10AM-2PM
Westside LA, Malibu, or West Hollywood are locales - can't go much farther than that
Brunch and a separate area for our party

We need a space of some sort, but we are really limited by budget. Probably $1200ish including food.

We looked into the Malibu Center and a few restaurants, but had no takers in our price range. Is there any creative venue or restaurant that I should be considering?

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  1. it looks like dukes malibu would fit within that budget for breakfast (see page 7):

    also - kings head in santa monica has large private rooms and likely serves breakfast/brunch in that price range. they also have afternoon tea.

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    1. re: dtud

      the only breakfast option that is shown anywhere near their price range at dukes appears to be a continental breakfast: coffee, juice, pastry, and bagels.. . .

      1. re: westsidegal

        and? do you want to suggest c&o?

        1. re: dtud

          c&o is out of their geographical limits.
          this set of constraints (money and location) is a BEAR.

      2. re: dtud

        Kings Head is terrible-
        the greasy food and snotty sevice need fixing
        NO THANKS !