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Sep 29, 2009 04:07 PM


Heading to Elora & Fergus in November, having never been before I am looking for some dinner suggestions. Any must try places or even places to avoid?


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  1. Im a bit out of date on my Elora restaurants but in Fergus, the Fergus Tandoori Grill is very good Indian food right on the main street. The Breadalbane in Fergus is also well spoken of but I have not personally eaten there as yet.

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      there is a little (and i mean little) fish and chip store in Elora that has fried dill pickles that are awesome. I would drive back just to get another "fix". LOL, they were so so tasty.
      My food experiences in Elora were nothing to write about unfortunately..excpept for those pickles. YUM

    2. This is my fave area in Ontario! Too bad you are not going at a warmer time of year because many of the places in each town have lovely patios on the banks of the mighty River Grand. Breadalbane in Fergus is a beautiful property & they have different menus for their various rooms, ranging from pubgrub to more upscale. The Brewpub in Fergus is also a good pub (lovely patio). The Goofy Newfie is in the Fergus Market building - food is not so great, but the patio is, and the building is remarkable. In the Market you will find a wee foodshop that focusses on local and organic meats, cheeses and baked goods. Goat cheese & whole grain bread are wonderful! If you feel like loading up on groceries, try the town of Arthur for more local/ free-range type of stuff - not too far from Fergus. But adjoining the Fergus market you will also find a Scottish shop if you yearn for Brit sweets. On the main drag (not Highway 6, but northeast, opposite the downtown Tim's) is a B&B with a Dutch name that serves yummy breakfasts and lunches. I haven't eaten at the Indian place, but I have heard exceptional things. Sorry I don't know that much about Elora, but I have the feeling that the foodie biz is quite intense there, so I doubt that mediocre places (other than the Mill, which although kind of bus touristy, I would still recommend for a cocktail if only to see the place) could thrive there. Enjoy your mini trip - and include lots of time for shopping for artsy craftsy things, especially in Elora! Slainthe!

      1. I've heard good things about the Desert Rose Cafe on Metcalfe St., but haven't been there myself. They seem to offer homey food and offer a lot of vegan & dairy free options - seems very "Moosewood." I'm not sure of their hours (they appear to be generally a lunch place and close in the winter - not sure whether that includes November), but you can always call - website's .

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          I think they closed down. Can someone confirm?