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Sep 29, 2009 03:59 PM

New Restaurants Section: Please reply here if you would like to be able to edit Restaurant/Bar Pages


The information below is no longer accurate. Any registered user is now able to update the factual information on restaurant pages.


For this first release, we have limited access to editing of restaurant/bar pages (cuisine, neighborhood, features, etc) - if you are interested in editing these pages, please reply to this post and we will provide that access. Thanks.

If you're a restaurant or food business looking to update your own information (hours, website, etc), please just leave a note here with the information you'd like updated, or email it to, and we'll update it for you.

  1. I'd like to access to editing. I have a number of changes I've been saving up since Places was disabled for editing.

    1. Yes, please, count me in.

      1. Wow you fixed a lot of other things too! Looks great so far. May I please also have access? Thanks!

        1. Got the three to this point. As a side note, if you were involved in the beta for the new Restaurants section, you should already have edit access.

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          1. re: Jacquilynne

            "Save" button is not working for me. I click on it and nothing happens.
            Safari/OSX/ latest everything. This page:
            The rest of the editing features appear to be working.

            Also: "Cancel" button does function.

            1. re: Chuckles the Clone

              OK, now that I logged out and back in, I can edit, but only theoretically...'cause, like you, I can't save either!

            2. re: Jacquilynne

              I can't. While I can get into the edit screen, when I hit save the record just hangs. As of this post I'm unable to save any Restaurant edits

              1. re: rworange

                Okay, but that's not related to the permissions issue that we're dealing with here. If you didn't have permission to edit, you wouldn't even see the edit button.

                1. re: rworange

                  We'll investigate & fix the problem. Thanks for your patience.

                  1. re: rworange

                    The editing problem has been fixed. Please let us know if you continue to experience problems.

                2. Although I don't edit restaurant info often, it's nice to be able to do so for new places or where the information is incomplete. Please add me to the list.