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Sep 29, 2009 03:48 PM

Family and Foodie Friendly Phoenix?

Husband, toddler (20 mo.) and I will be at the Royal Palms for a long weekend in October. First time in PHX with the baby, so we need to change our dining game plan from our pre-baby days! Any suggestions to keep us out of the fast food/chain restaurant world? We'll do In n Out as we don't have them in our area, but I'd like to avoid repeating that kind of food too much. We're not unrealistic eating with the little one, as it will be one of those dinner at 5, out in 60 minutes or less type meals, but would love your ideas. Any cuisine is okay, though I'd prefer to not drive more than 20 minutes. Thanks!

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  1. For breakfast try Over Easy on 40th Street just sound of Indian School. That should be very close to where you are staying. It's loaded with families with kids on weekends and they do a great job. We've been going there with our two year old (next week) for months.

    There is a Pei Wei in that same general area that's been very kid friendly to us.

    1. I'm in the same situation. These places are all within 20 minutes of your hotel, and they are all places where we are almost never the only ones with a young child in our party.

      Chelsea's Kitchen -- Nice southwestern-influenced menu. Good dinners and weekend brunches. Sit outside on the patio and enjoy the view.

      LGO Pizzeria -- Craft pizzerias ideal for two adults and a toddler to share. Nice salads and sides. After dinner, walk next door to Arlecchino for superb gelato.

      Pita Jungle -- Mediterranean-influenced healthful food. Very flavorful with lots of garlic. Locations near your hotel at both 44th St. & Indian School in Arcadia and at Scottsdale Fashion Square

      The Parlor -- another craft pizza place, although with daily specials featuring meat, pasta, etc. A nice renovation of an old beauty salon, hence the name.

      Delux -- upscale burger place with cute little shopping carts used for serving fries. Great salads, too.

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        Silverbear's list is spot on. At Chelsea's Kitchen it seems that every other table is occupied by kids. This is probably influenced by the fact that kids eat free before 6 PM.

        I will also throw NOCA out there. It clearly fits the foodie requirement but I can tell you from personal experience the staff, from the owner on down, are incredibly accomodating to younger children.

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          Interesting comment about NOCA. I know that Elliot and the staff are incredibly gracious with young guests, but my wife and I still make it a place to visit only when we have a sitter. The reason is not that I feel our toddler would be unwelcome, but instead that a Noca meal is usually several courses, along with an amuse-bouche or two. To me that means a minimum 90-minute time commitment to appreciate the meal, and like the OP, I find that 60 minutes is about the most I can get out of my toddler. We'll definitely bring the next generation to Noca, but probably closer to around age 5 or 6 depending on maturity and attention span. I don't mean this in any way to be a criticism of those who take younger children there; it's just an observation of why we think NOCA is a place we want ours to graduate to after a few more years.

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            Thanks so much for the ideas! I'll check out the website for NOCA and see about that, though maybe it would have to wait for another time. Related question: we've been to Cowboy Ciao before and I love the chopped salad they have. It's been a while for us though, so do you think an early dinner there would be too much for the toddler?