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Sep 29, 2009 03:01 PM

Seafood on Sunday in Charleston

I have family coming into town on Sunday, and they told me they would like to go out for seafood that evening. Since they are driving, and coming from a great distance, I don't think they are up for a nicer seafood place like Hank's. I can think of plenty of places, but I know most of them are not open for dinner on Sundays...SeeWee, Bowen's and The Wreck immediately come to mind. However, I would like to avoid the more touristy seafood places, like the ones on Shem Creek for example. What places am I missing?

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  1. Maybe Fish, Atlanticville on Sullivan's, or Seel's on Sullivan's. Seel's is a little less upscale than Atlanticville, but the seafood is really good. The island waon't be overrun this time of year. If I think of anything else, I'll post.

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    1. re: Sue in Mt P

      Thanks everyone, and Sue, Seel's or Atlanticville sound right up our alley. I've never eaten at either restaurant so what should we order? Is there any menu item that is a can't miss?

      1. re: lizzy

        Oyster appetizer at Atlanticville, flounder and scallop entrees are excellent.

        Seel's is patterned after the fish camps of my youth. The shrimp basket and the crawdad basket are great as are the sides.

    2. Try Five Loaves in Mt Pleasant (they also have a place downtown). They always have lots of fresh, well prepared fish and other delicious choices on the menu. Low keyed atmosphere and reasonable prices. Even my incredibly persnickety friend leaves raving about the food!

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      1. re: By the Sea

        I know, but they're closed on Sunday. Crave in Mt P is good and open on Sunday evening.

      2. What about Fleet Landing? They are open Sunday Charleston on the water.

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        1. re: vacationmomma

          Fleet Landing has a great view! Food is fine, but the view is there star there.

          1. re: Sue in Mt P

            I agree Fleet Landing is all about the view. I thought about it, but I thought maybe we could do better. I know they want to spend every eating moment at seafood restaurants so I figured we would wind up there eventually.

            1. re: lizzy

              Okay,so I am going to get slammed, but as a local, we take all out of town guests to Gilligans....local seafood. Grilled shrimp, red rice, coleslaw can't be beat! Avoid Hymans, Bubba Gumps and Noisy Oyster

        2. For something slightly more upscale than the others mentioned - but not too fancy - you might try The Boathouse on the Isle of Palms. Great sunsets, extensive seafood menu.