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Sep 29, 2009 02:53 PM

Where To Buy Curing Salt, A.K.A. "Pink Salt" In NYC

I am looking for a curing product known as pink salt. This is not an exotic salt from Hawaii or anywhere else that maybe sold at D& D or Williams-Sonoma. This is a specialty item used to cure meats. I need it to make my own bacon. I have seen other posts mentioning that Kalustyan's on Lex. sells it. Does anyone know of another source besides them?


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    1. I have seen this at Buon Italia in Chelsea Market for sure, and possibly at Garden of Eden on 23rd between 6th and 7th. Buon Italia definitely has it.

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        Chelsea Market? Wow! I wouldn't have thought that. Thanks much!

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          I checked Buon Italia's web page and the pink salt they have there is the Himalayan pink table salt not the curing salt. Call before you go.
          Kalustyan's salt page shows Murray River, and Brazilian Rose both pink table salts. I told you it wasn't easy.

          My son the Philadelphia pancetta maker gets his curing supplies from Kenco. In one of the threads I sent above I suggested asking a local charceutier since you need just a little.

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            Right. It's just not possible that it is not available anywhere in the greatest food city on earth. The issue becomes time. I can't go all over the city searching only to find pink table salt. I think I'm going to throw in the towel and order online at Kenco. I may also ask a butcher if they have a small amount they'll give or sell me as you suggest. Good idea. Thanks much!

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              Whoops! Sorry, I did not see that's what the original post was getting at.

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                To all looking for pink curing salt, Kalustyan's on Lex. between 28th & 29th St. sells it.. I have it in my hand. The lady behind the counter said they have it all the time. Thanks to all who replied.

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                  I know this is a pretty old thread, but THANK YOU!!!

                  I have been trying to find pink salt in NY and came across this thread. This store just reminds me how much I love this city. Where else can you find 10 different types of cinnamon, curing salt and great Indian sweets to boot!!

        2. There's a new salt store on Hudson St. in the West Village. (Just south of Charles St.) All of their salt is pink but I dont know if it is used for curing.

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            Chaz, there are 2 kinds of pink salt. There is the kind that gets it's pinkness from the minerals associated with it and the kind that is artificially colored to distinguish it from ordinary table salt. The curing salt have 6.25% sodium nitrite and is not to be used as the regular stuff. Little did the folks who devised the use of food coloring to separate the salts imagine that some day Murray River or Himalayan pink salts would become a gourmet item.