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Sep 29, 2009 02:46 PM

Need Houston help

I am coming to Houston in a few weeks. I am vegetarian mainly but do eat fish once in awile, my husband eats fish. We love food and great restaurants. Any suggestions?

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  1. Ok, stop all those crickets chirping - LOL

    I ate lunch regularly with a vegetarian and we liked to eat at Andre's -

    If you plan on skipping desert, don't even bother. Their pastries are to die for. The meal is good with crusty french rolls but the deserts are heaven. They offer a lunch deal with includes desert.

    Also, Grotto on Westheimer has some vegetarian dishes that she liked.


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    1. re: texasredtop

      Thank you, thank you! And yes, I could hear the crickets chirping! Grotto sounds great! I looked at the website, there seems to be alot of restaurants on that street! We have resos Friday at Reef, yes I eat fish but is is nice to also have veggie options. I will check out the other veggie options suggested. I am also considering Hugo's. It sounds very good. We are staying at the Four Seasons, are any of these restaurants near there?

      1. re: Alica

        My friend's daughter is here from Alberta, Canada and we're taking her to Grotto. I love their Scampi Grotto. Mouth watering!!! Four Seasons is downtown. The restaurants I recommended are in the River Oaks and Galleria area, west of downtown. There are hundreds of restaurants in the Galleria area plus shopping.

        1. re: Alica

          There really is no nice way to put this, so here goes. Skip Grotto. You can do so much better. Andre's has decent desserts, but nothing that you can't find anywhere else in any other city.

          1. re: Bulldozer

            I ate at Grotto Thursday night and it was to die for. The scampi was the same scampi I've loved there since I began eating there a few years ago. My husband's veal dish was also delicious. The belinis were very good, the tiramisu was outstanding. I have had a dish or two there that was underwhelming but their scampi is the best I've ever had.

            Andre's deserts are far far better than any other french bakery in town and they are almost half the price of other places. I've tried them all and Andre's is the only french bakery that I will visit. The food is okay but nothing to write home about. Plus Andre's makes the original King Cakes, the ones made with flaky pastry and almond cream filling, not the ones that look like big donuts. I get several every year. They are not overly sweet but they are so good.

      2. Reef is an awesome restaurant, but only if you'll be willing to eat fish. Indika (Indian) has a bunch of vegetarian/pescatarian dishes.

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        1. re: Bulldozer

          You certainly wouldn't want to try Feast.

          Here is a good list of reliably good vegetarian or vegetarian friendly restaurants and the neighborhoods they are located in parenthesis:

          Field of Greens on West Alabama (Upper Kirby)
          Baba Yega on Grant St. (Montrose)
          Hobbit Hole Cafe on Richmond (Montrose)
          Pepper Tree (Upper Kirby)
          Bowl on Richmond St. (Montrose)
          Jenni's Noddle House near Richmond (Montrose)
          Pat Greer's Kitchen on Clay st. (Montrose/4th Ward)
          Ziggy's Healthy Grill on W. Alabama (Upper Kirby)

          There are also a few really good vegetarian Indian restaurants over in the "little India" section on Hillcroft Rd, but I can not recall their names. This area is outside of the Houston Loop near the Sharpstown area also not too far from Asian town on Bellaire St. (that has hundreds of Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean restaurants)

          1. re: cwmills

            Feast has a lot of fish dishes on their menu, so I wouldn't discount it too quickly. You should look at the website, but it changes each day. Some things stay the same, but others are rotated.

        2. Houston has lots of vegetarian restaurants plus restaurants that offer vegetarian options. Hobbit Hole, Moveable Feast and ZIggy's have all been around since the 1970s if not 1960s. The area around US 59 South and Hillcroft has lots of Indian and Middle Eastern restaurants. Within a couple of blocks of 59 are 2 restaurants with Udipi in the name, plus Bombay Sweets, which is really a chaat place but serves a vegetarian buffet (it's kind of low rent and not as good as the others). I think Busy Boy sandwiches (Middle Eastern) serves some vegetarian fare. Just down 59 a mile or so is Bhojan, a Guajarati restaurant that is my favorite.

          Here's a listing of the classification Vegetarian on a local website:

          Many of these will have their own websites which you could look up.

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          1. re: dexmat

            Not a vegetarian but I very rarely eat meat, and my husband is a vegetarian. We've tried and liked Ruggles Green (I know a lot of people dog ruggles on here but seriously the veggie pannini at Ruggles Green-- yum.) There's a good eggplant sandwich at Empire Cafe. There's a good veggie sandwitch at the coffee shop cattycorner to that, also good tiramisu there. There's an all vegetarian indian restaurant at Kirby in the Miako's complex called Madras Pavillian. That place is buffet at lunch and dinner at dinner, and I've never been disappointed except once at buffet they gave us lukewarm water instead of asking what we wanted to drink, the food was very spicy and the a/c happened to be broken... but damn the food was good. Dinner service went off better, my husband and I both loved our curries and the crepes are delish too. Also the list above has great picks. Oh, I almost forgot I often like to stop into Aladdin in Montrose and fill up on veggies, salad, and their baba gannoush and hummus... also good. But when I go there, I always get the lamb kebob just for a treat too. :-)

          2. Okay Houston! You have lived up to your foodie reputation! We got home last night, VERY happy with our restaurant choices, thanks to your help! Reef was the first restaurant we went to and also our favorite! The next night we went to Mockingbird, what a beautiful restaurant and the food was fabulous! The last night we went to Hugos. We only had one problem, my scallops at Hugo's were not really cooked enough, but they gladly took the meal off of our bill. We loved our appetizers, civiche platter, avocado and mango salad, great drinks and service. Thanks!!!!

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            1. re: Alica

              I don't get Hugos. I went once, that's all it took. My husband's mole sauce was totally burned, my fish was completely cold and raw inside, the place was busy and we couldn't get service (and we had a kid, which I mean, in all fairness, please pay attention and get us our stuff as fast as you can given that we are fighting public temper tantrums at every moment), and when we did the waiter spilled beer all over our table (okay, it was honestly the second beer for one of our guests, and the waiter opened it and tried to pour it into a glass and spilled it all over the table, us, our child, and our food). The manager discounted our meal but... what really makes a good spot? Free food, or good food and good service? Hugo's is out for me, until I hear some good reviews.

              1. re: kimrobards

                We totally agree with you on Hugos. Reef and Mockingbird Bistro were both so so great, we are still talking about them.