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Sep 29, 2009 02:42 PM

How's my Itinerary looking?

Hi fellow hounds -

Austin/NYC hound here coming to DC to celebrate my 40th with my dad, husband and others.

So far I've made dinner reservations at the following:

Sat (1st night) - Etete
Sun - cooking in
Mon - Rasika
Tues - Corduroy
Wed - Minibar
Thurs - CityZen
Fri (last night) - Komi

Is this a good mix - is there anything I am truly going to be sad I missed? Was considering also Obelisk, PS7's, Proof and Eve - but can't think of what I'd cut frankly. Oh, to have more time!


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  1. Can we dine together? Just kidding, your list looks great! Enjoy! I recommend you eating lunch at Eve, They have an amazing deal where you get 2 courses for $13!

    I would swap Etete out for Charlie Palmers Steakhouse, Call in advance and ask to go up to rooftop terrace to see the view. It is a truly amazing view of the Capitol.

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    1. re: Jeremy303

      no offense Jeremy, but Austin and NYC have great steak - no one has Ethiopian like here in the US. maybe hit Palmer's for a drink and the view, but to swap out dinner? I can't agree.

      but it is a stunning view.

      1. re: hill food

        good point about NYC Steakhouses, In fact I would love to have a Peter Lugers steak right now, I More so suggested Charlie Palmers because of the rooftop view, I did recently have 2 excellent meals there also.

      2. re: Jeremy303

        The Lickity-Split lunch at Eve is one of the best lunches you will find in the DC area, but it is available ONLY at the bar. Any two items from the bar menu for $13.50. The identical two items, if you choose to sit in the Bistro instead of the bar, will tack upwards of $20-25 onto your tab, per person. Caveat emptor.

        And just my $.02 but instead of Rasika, I'd head to Palena (try for the cafe and order off the back room menu) to sample Frank Ruta's genious.

      3. Um ya.....can I please come along! This is an awesome eating itinerary. You are certainly hitting up some of the best DC has to offer and you did your research.

        Personally I wouldn't change anything. I think there are other great places PS7 in particular---but you already have a really good list and variety of different types of meals.

        Happy Birthday! Have fun and make sure to report back.

        1. I will GLADLY act as tour guide in exchange for dinners:) I recently took out of town friends to Proof for late afternoon wine/cheese. The selection is excellent. I agree about getting a rooftop view if you can. The city is stunning at night.

          1. potluck — see if you can add drinks at the W hotel rooftop terrace before hitting corduory or rasika (it should be a pretty reasonable walk or cab ride from there). the view is really amazing and, like these folks are saying, the city is truly breathtaking at night, and the W has an incredible view.

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            1. re: littlew1ng

              Been looking for an idea like this - thanks for the tip - some friends have tried to hit Rasika twice without luck.

            2. Have you ever had Ethiopian? Are you trying Etete out of curiosity? In my opinion, Ethiopian food is not particularly good and Etete just isn't in the same class as the other restaurants you picked out. If you're just curious about Ethiopian food, then I agree with the above poster to try it for lunch. In substitution, you can round out your list of the very best with Citronelle.

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              1. re: Ericandblueboy

                I agree.

                OP. please report back. There can't be too many people who have tried Minibar, Cityzen and Komi on three successive nights (or if there are they aren't the kind of people who would let me know what they thought).

                1. re: Ericandblueboy

                  Ethiopian food is great, And Etete is much better than chowhound approved Rasika.