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Sep 29, 2009 02:31 PM

Take out in Costa Mesa near fairground

My pirate reenactment gruop will be at Kid's Fair this weekend(we camp on the fairgrounds). It has been decided to pick-up food for Saturday rather than our tradtional pot luck which is a pain in the tucus to make. El Pollo Loco has been suggested but I'd to find alternatives. We need to get the food on the fairgrounds by 7pm when they close the gates and we're locked in for the night.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Nick's Pizza 2300 Harbor Blvd.,
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626


    1. I agree with the Nick's rec- but not everything at Nick's is great. Stick to the pizza.

      It's kinda a culinary wasteland around there. Other options would be:
      Newport Blvd. behind the fairgrounds- nothing.
      Fairview- I had a friend just go to Lil Pickle on Fairview south of Baker- I went there all the time as a kid, but he just mentioned it out of the blue and said he just tried it and liked it. It's a locally owned sandwich shop.
      Harbor- Nick's. Maybe Haus of Pizza, but their cheese is so thick it doesn't do well to go and it doesn't taste good cold. You could go to Wing Nuts for wings (of course) it's on Harbor north of Baker near Target... their homemade chips and chip dip is pretty good.

      Sorry it's just the wrong area of Costa Mesa.

      Hey you could go to Moscow Deli on Harbor for sandwiches. Some people LOVE that place and it's kinda picnic-y. It's North of Baker on the West side of Harbor.

      Good luck.

      Moscow Deli
      3015 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92626