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Sep 29, 2009 02:17 PM

Via Italian Table

Mom wanted to to share her amazing lunch at Via Italian Table on Shrewsbury St. Worcester. She is a Sole Proprietor fan so headed to Via today for lunch. She and her BFF each had the lamb burger with sun dried tomatoes wrapped in Proscuitto. She said the homemade bread was divine. The shoe string style fries were to die for. What a deal at 7.99. Check out the menu:

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  1. Yeah, lunch at Via is a relatively recent development, and very nice. The meatball sandwich is fabulous. Much of their dinner menu is offered in luncheon portions and at very good prices. It's a great deal IF you can resist the temptation to order that glass of wine, that cup of coffee, that dessert, etc., since all those things are at the regular price and can quickly double your tab.

    1. Via is an absolute steal at lunch. I eat there weekly, at least. As Rick mentioned, dessert, glass of wine, etc can double your bill, but I never feel guilty because the lunch itself is already so cheap.

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        Next time I visit Mom, who by the way is a young 86, I will stop at this gem. Shrewsbury St. is a great area for some amazing dining..or used to when I lived in Wormtown.

      2. We went to Via when in the neighborhood based on a chowhound rec, and were really really pleased. The food was great, and they were fantastic w/ our kids. I'd go back in a heartbeat.