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Sep 29, 2009 01:36 PM

Just moved to Gramercy and the grocery stores are no good!

I just moved to 2nd and 21st, and found that most grocery stores kinda suck! I am used to having a fish section on ice (not prepackaged fish) and decent sized meat section, ideally with a butcher in back. I have tried the couple of Morton's and Dag's that are near.

I know there is Gramercy Meat Market, but that's too expensive for daily buying, and I know there is Whole Foods and TJ's, but I want something closer.

Are there any grocery stores I missing that have a proper meat/fish section? and/or some good gourmet foods like I was used to on the Upper East Side.

Thanks for you help everybody!


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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks, I didn't come across those in my searches, and they're very helpfull. However, those threads are also very disappointing! I mean, they do answer my question but sadly, the answer basically seems to be "no, there's nothing that close to you". Damn!

    2. Simple answer. No there's nothing 'close' to you. But TJ's and whole foods aren't exactly 'Far' I live 10 blocks farther away and frequent both. And don't forget the Farmer's market in Union Square is the best in the city, they're open MWF&Sat.

      This neighborhood is lacking a high quality, all-in-one grocery store since they took out the Garden of eden on 3rd ave.
      What we're left with is a selection of specialty shops that are pretty far apart:
      Todaro on 31 & 2nd has a good selection of gourmet foods. As does Lamazou (mostly cheeses, cured meats, and italian pantry items) at 27th and 3rd.
      Isn't there a fresh fish place next to the gramercy meat market on 21st and 2nd? Never been but I've heard good things. In the opposite direction there is wild edibles for the freshest, and most expensive ($10 per crabcake?!?!?!?!) seafood nearby.

      1. you mean the dirty associated on 23rd and 2nd isnt good enough....That place gross! Try Garden of Eden on 23rd and 5th....

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          The Garden of Eden on 23rd is not at 5th. It's between 6th and 7th, closer to 7th.

        2. make friends with fresh direct

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            Thanks guys.

            Yeh, I'm already close friends with Fresh Direct. We go way back! But I'm not always one for planning out my weeks worth of meals

          2. That's why they invented restaurants!!!

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              restaurants! bah!
              ... that's why they invented home kitchens