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Sep 29, 2009 01:22 PM

Reception in Nolita? Locals help please!

Hello, the fiance and I visited NYC last weekend to scout out wedding reception venues. We really like Soho and Nolita, we're getting married at Old St. Pat's Cathedral, and we want to walk to the reception so need something close to the church. We've narrowed the choices down to 3 - Peasant Wine Bar, Epistrophy, and Lombardi's Pizza (yes, my man is a pizza fiend!) We are older, in our 40s, and don't want the typical formal sit-down reception but really just want something fun and relaxed, cocktail style, mingling, appetizers/wine/drinks... laid back!
My question is this - has anyone been to events at any of these places?? I've emailed them for event info but haven't heard back, and I'm wondering if Epistrophy even hosts private events? Loved the relaxed vibe there. Also heard that Lombardi's has a rooftop dining area? This might be fun for rehearsal dinner. Is this area enclosed or outdoors? Wedding in December so a bit worried about the weather... Any suggestions/ideas would be most appreciated! Thanks!

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        Public has been very popular with wedding receptions lately. I called 4-5 times this summer during weekends and they were closed for weddings.

        1. re: nohofoods

          We actually had a lovely dinner at Public while visiting and I suggested it as a possible venue to the fiance, but he thinks it's too formal/trendy for his taste... but thanks so much for the replies! I did hear back from Epistrophy and they do not host private events, so that's out. We both really enjoyed our wine and eats at the downstairs wine bar at Peasant, so we're leaning that way for the reception...thanks again to all!! If I was single I'd move to Manhattan in a heartbeat, love it!! :-)