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Sep 29, 2009 01:20 PM

Coconut fan seeking 'Coconut Spread'

Does anyone know where I can find coconut spread near Queen W & Spadina ave area or Yonge/Eglinton area?

Never tried the spread but I'm a HUGE coconut fan with a sweet tooth looking for a healthy alternative to sweets... anyone tried this stuff?


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  1. i think u are refering to 'kaya' jam which is made from cocunut. look in the asian supermarkets

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    1. re: mightykc

      There is a coconut spread (comes in jars) sold in the basement of SLM.
      It is at the same stand that sells cakes/tarts/chocolates/maple syrup.
      Across from the Mustachios.

      It may be alot sweeter than the one you posted in your link though.

      1. re: mightykc

        I don't think they are talking about Kaya but I'm certain Kaya would be better than all of these recommendations.

        1. re: szw

          To me, kaya (the Singapore version) is a coconut version of lemon curd, a sweet jam with coconut and pandan flavor. What the OP wants is more along the line of a coconut fat/oil, taking advantage of its reputed health benefits.

      2. That looks like coconut 'butter'...your best bet is any of the vegan, vegetarian or health food stores around town. (eg: Noahs, Whole Foods etc)

        1. I would suggest going to Big Carrot (Danforth & Chester) or Whole Foods.

          1. Just called Big Carrot for the coconut spread -- they are out of stock and it's on back-order.

            Noah's carries a coconut butter made by Artisana -- not sure how this is different (if at all) from the spread? anyone tried the butter?

            Whole foods also carries the spread-- but are also out of stock!

            Apparently this stuff is popular! Thanks for all the advice guys! I'm going to track this stuff down eventually :)

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            1. re: amycakes22

              I was going to recommend both those places since I saw that particular brand at Whole Foods in Oakville (they had stock BTW as of 2 days ago). I am sure Toronto Whole Foods would get some in soon but if not I would check some other health stores. I have bought another brand of the Coconut spread at the Vegetarian festival in September. It is pretty good stuff and from what I recall he said he sells it at Big Carrot.

            2. I saw a coconut butter at McEwan.