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Coconut fan seeking 'Coconut Spread'

Does anyone know where I can find coconut spread near Queen W & Spadina ave area or Yonge/Eglinton area?

Never tried the spread but I'm a HUGE coconut fan with a sweet tooth looking for a healthy alternative to sweets... anyone tried this stuff?


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  1. i think u are refering to 'kaya' jam which is made from cocunut. look in the asian supermarkets

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      There is a coconut spread (comes in jars) sold in the basement of SLM.
      It is at the same stand that sells cakes/tarts/chocolates/maple syrup.
      Across from the Mustachios.

      It may be alot sweeter than the one you posted in your link though.

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        I don't think they are talking about Kaya but I'm certain Kaya would be better than all of these recommendations.

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          To me, kaya (the Singapore version) is a coconut version of lemon curd, a sweet jam with coconut and pandan flavor. What the OP wants is more along the line of a coconut fat/oil, taking advantage of its reputed health benefits.

      2. That looks like coconut 'butter'...your best bet is any of the vegan, vegetarian or health food stores around town. (eg: Noahs, Whole Foods etc)

        1. I would suggest going to Big Carrot (Danforth & Chester) or Whole Foods.

          1. Just called Big Carrot for the coconut spread -- they are out of stock and it's on back-order.

            Noah's carries a coconut butter made by Artisana -- not sure how this is different (if at all) from the spread? anyone tried the butter?

            Whole foods also carries the spread-- but are also out of stock!

            Apparently this stuff is popular! Thanks for all the advice guys! I'm going to track this stuff down eventually :)

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              I was going to recommend both those places since I saw that particular brand at Whole Foods in Oakville (they had stock BTW as of 2 days ago). I am sure Toronto Whole Foods would get some in soon but if not I would check some other health stores. I have bought another brand of the Coconut spread at the Vegetarian festival in September. It is pretty good stuff and from what I recall he said he sells it at Big Carrot.

            2. I saw a coconut butter at McEwan.

              1. Dont know if this counts but they have sweet coconut buns in the chinese bakery shop opposite the Booster juice in the yonge eglinton mall.

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                  I've seen coconut butter in the health food aisles of Loblaws. If you can't find the Artisana brand, try Ambrosia or else go online to upayanaturals.com. They definitely carry a variety of coconut products, all vegan and some raw. They're an internet-based company, but they do their distribution from a house on Pape, between Gerrard and Danforth Av. You can order through them and schedule a pick-up, if you live in Toronto and don't want to pay for shipping.

                2. I've seen coconut spread, though can't remember the brand at Friendly Magnolia at College and Bathurst.

                  1. The Chinese supermarket at the corner of Denison and Kennedy (not T&T)

                    1. Coconut Spread..hmmm..we're looking for Seven Keys Coconut Toast Spread that is made in Florida and comes in round jars with vintage looking gold labels (or at least used to). Anyone see this in Toronto at all?

                      Kind of like a coconut creamed honey type of stuff.

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                        lakesupplyco.com sells Seven Keys Coconut Toast Spread in 8 Oz & 16 Oz jars.

                      2. I love coconut butter (aka coconut spread). I buy the Artisana brand at Essence of Life organics in Kensington Market. It's $10 there, which is better than I've seen anywhere else. There are a couple other brands available.

                        1. May i ask what you can do with the coconut butter/spread? Do you put it on toast, what else?

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                            Summerhill Market in Rosedale carries coconut spread.

                            Summerhill Market
                            446 Summerhill Ave, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

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                              They do but remember the prices for their prepared goods are up to 50% higher than at other stores

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                              Ya, you can use it as a spread, stir it into your yoghurt or oatmeal, as a topping or icing, put it in many desserts, or better yet, just eat it off a spoon. The Artisana brand is great for its flavour and spreadability. The Nutiva one is okay. Huge benefits with this including a quick source of sustained energy (brain and body), helping with your thyroid/cold hands & feet and weight loss, and much more that you'd prolly want to look into yourself.