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Sep 29, 2009 01:15 PM

In Need of a Fabulous Restaurants in or near Portland, OR for Special Occasions

Ok I did do a search and I found several threads about Portland restaurants but none about very specifically Special Occasion places.

I have 2 fairly major events occurring in the next year. I am getting married and My Step-daughter is graduating college.

For my wedding dinner there will be 4-6 in my party. We are having a VERY small affair (I thought the term was funny). We love all types of food and are foodies but not to an extreme. (I do like to actually get more then a bite for $50). One in the party is allergic to fish but can eat all other seafood.

For the graduation it will likely be 8-10 possibly a few more depending on grandparents. I would like something a little less gourmet (I refuse to go to a steakhouse with my step-daughter as she orders all meat WELL DONE). Other than my issues with her Beef preferences she has a fairly expanded palate but doesn't particularly enjoy seafood. Poor child.

Any suggestions would be great and if I did miss a thread that would answer my questions thank you for a point in the direction. (Note I don't actually live in Portland so I am less aware of some places that people that live there would think are "obvious". :-)

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  1. 1. Sel Gris- small, in my opinion best food in Portland now
    2. Carlyle - nice food, quiet place

    1. Small affair: Paley's. Agree regarding Sel Gris & Carlyle
      Large affair, Higgins, Wildwood, Tabla.

      Most locals stick with the local sites:
      You will encounter "special occasion" threads.

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      1. re: Leonardo

        Thank you for the websites those will be very useful. I get to Portland about 6-8 times a year.

        I will check out the suggestions thank you both!