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Sep 29, 2009 12:55 PM

ISO Bulk Candy in Santa Rosa or surrounding areas

Hey Hounds,

Hosting a baby shower Oct. 3rd (so no time to order stuff) and I'm making take away favors by filing large jars with candies in varying shades of blue for people to make their own goody bag.

Anyway, I'm looking for any alternative to Powell's ($8.99/lb) or Sweet Factory ($11.49/lb) where I might get bulk candies in a varied selection. I live in Santa Rosa, but can get anywhere in Sonoma county if the price is right.

Ideas anyone? (Obviously I am looking for under $8.99/lb.)

I called Powell's to see if they would lower the price per pound because I will be buying over 8 lbs. and the woman on the line said no. I am hopeful in this economy if I show up and a manager is there I can persuade who ever to lower the price.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. How about Safeway on Mendocino Ave. shown as a Jelly Belly outlet. Single flavors still under $8.99?
    Blues or bluish at least to my eyes on my computer.
    berry blue
    island punch
    wild blackberry.

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    1. re: wolfe

      Was gonna check these this afternoon. Glad to know it is an "Emporium." Still looking for an assortment though. Jelly Bellys will indeed play a part in this celebration! Thanks.

    2. What you're looking for is Miller's Candy Emporium in downtown Sebastopol. They have barrels upon barrels of bulk candy. Even bulk M&M's.

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      1. re: dotMac

        Man their website is screwed up. Hopefully I can locate a phone #. If you know how much they charge per pound that would be helpful.

        1. re: Jeni Bean

          Their phone: 707-829-9040

          I don't know offhand what their bulk rate is.

          1. re: dotMac

            Just called them.

            Typical bulk = $7.99
            Jelly Belly = $7.99
            M&M = $8.99

            Usual hours 11-6

      2. I ended up at Powell's Novato, see separate post.