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Sep 29, 2009 12:41 PM

Myrtle Beach Hot Dogs

Hello all,

We'll be traveling to NMB in mid-November. I've researched and found (thanks to you all) lovely places to eat, but I can't find any suggestions for hot dogs. My mother is a huge hot dog fan, but they need to be good. All-beef hot dogs with chili ...and cole slaw topping is a MUST HAVE.

Thanks in advance for recommendations!

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  1. sams corner: multiple locations also river city cafe...some locations are on the water, i go to the one in surfside &love it!!

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    1. re: MOC777

      Thanks so much for the suggestions!

      1. re: melanie1128

        I agree that both Sam's and River City have good dogs (although I like River City's hamburgers better than their hot dogs). For a more upscale or perhaps dinner option, I would also suggest Carolina Road House and get their Killer Dog. It is a huge hotdog, covered with french fries, and then smothered with chili and cheese. I have never been able to finish one (I've actually brought one home then ate it for lunch for two days!!). Carolina Road House also has a great house salad, prime rib, fried shrimp. Can't go wrong with much of their food and it is very reasonably priced.

        1. re: SheriS

          Thanks Sheri. Yes, I've been to Carolina Road House and had a good experience there. But can you recommend a hot dog joint that sort of a hole in the wall place?

          1. re: melanie1128

            Sam's Corner is the hole in the wall place to go.

            1. re: melanie1128

              If hole in the wall is what you want then go to Peaches on Ocean Blvd.

              1. re: melanie1128

                Agree if you want hole in the wall then go to Sam's Corner. There are several locations.

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