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Sep 29, 2009 11:55 AM

STK, Minetta Tavern, or Del Frisco?

My girlfriend and I were thinking of going to one of these restaurants tonight to sit at the bar for drinks and food. We wanted something with a fun atmosphere and good drinks/food where we can sit at the bar. I haven't been to any of them. She mentioned that STK has a cool crowd and Del Frisco has great steak mash combo for $12.99. I'm curious about Minetta's burger. We're also open for other suggestions.


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  1. The food at STK blows, its all about the scene. Del Frisco s is a big expense stop, not much of a fun atmosphere.

    1. Try Keen's pub room. MUCH better food than STK and Del Frisco and as for Minetta, it's very tough to get in - maybe at the bar though.

      1. Minetta Tavern is far and away the best choice of the three you've listed. The other two aren't good at all. If you want to get a seat at Minetta Tavern's bar fairly painlessly, show up right at the beginning of dinner service. The burgers are very good, but the bone-in New York strip and the Côte de Boeuf are the stars of the menu. They are among the absolute best steaks in NYC.

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          I thought STK was awful too - but I have been trying to get reservations at minetta for a month (and nothing before 6:15 has ever been open) so I think you guys might have a really hard time getting a seat, even at the bar (from what I've heard)