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Sep 29, 2009 11:54 AM

Wines like Pride Mountain?

Had a great experience at Pride Mountain on Thursday. Besides the beautiful setting, informative & friendly tasting, we loved the wines. Are there wineries you can recommend that produce a similar style? Thanks!

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  1. Hi

    We liked Opus for the atmosphere (think church) (bring a picnic lunch), Duckhorn and Heitz.
    Stop by and see Dan at Back Room wines in downtown Napa. he has great taste,and can guide you well. He also has tastings (check the website). He has some great wines that you can only get in CA for under $20
    How many cases of Pride did you get? And what types?

    1. Grace comes immediately to mind. I also like Diamond Mountain's offerings, but there are differences. Pride is more concentrated upon first taste, while DM might seem a tad austere. Still, down the line, they will both reward you.

      I also love the J. Phelps Insignia. Again, a different wine, but with some similarities. Both are big in their youth, and might take different roads to maturity, but will reward you, if you are patient.



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        I also really like Diamond Mountain's cabs. They're hearty and richly dark, without much overt, jammy fruit. The tannins are definitely present, but not garish and there's respectable acidity.

        Thanks, Bill. Now you've got me craving...is 11:30 too early to go down to the cellar? ;)

        1. re: invinotheresverde

          Well, I normally wait until 5:00PM AZT (PDT now), but have been known to declare "wine-thirty" earlier - if I only had someone to share the DM Cabs with...



          PS - wife asked me if I had bought my DM allocation this year. Need to follow her advice.

        2. re: Bill Hunt

          Thanks for the recommendations! I googled Diamond Mountain and came up with Constant Diamond Mountain Winery. Or should I be looking for the Diamond Mountain District AVA? Ah, the results of trying to crunch numbers at work and look for wines at the same time ;)

          1. re: SanJoseHound

            Duh! Did I type Diamond Mountain. That is where the vineyard is, but I meant Diamond Creek. Sorry about that. Maybe "wine-thirty" came too soon?

            This is Al Brounstein's great property just south of Calistoga, on Diamond Mountain. He (and now others) do three main vineyards, Gravely Meadow, Red Rock Terrace and Volcanic Hill. In some great years, the tiny Lake Vineyard is produced, but often is included in the blend of the others.

            I am so sorry that I mis-typed. I knew what I meant, but unfortunately most others did not.

            Mea culpa, mea culpa,


        3. While Sally Johnson is the current winemaker at Pride (and seems to be doing a good job), you might like the wines of their prolific ex-winemaker, Robert Foley, who played a large part in putting Pride on the map. He has his own eponymous label (Robert Foley Vineyards) and is the winemaker at Switchback Ridge and Hourglass. His Cabernets and Claret-style blends are the standouts but his Petite Sirahs and Merlots are strong as well, especially if you like Pride's style.

          Personally, I think the Pride Reserves (Cabernet and Claret) are excellent, but I'm not sure they're worth the steep tariff, especially compared to other Cabernets in that price range.

          1. SJHound

            I seem to have forgotten Hess. Not only similar cabs but they have a very interesting museum also. We try to go often

            1. Switchback Ridge, Foley.

              Snickers and cassis in a blender?