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Sep 29, 2009 11:12 AM

Good Restaurant in Paramus Area for night before a wedding?

Hi There!

We will be in the area for a wedding next month and would like to meet up with family for a nice dinner the night before it. There will probably be about 8 to 10 of us and we would like to spend under $30 a plate if possible.

We are open to any suggestions, but particularly like Italian, Mediterranean, Spanish, Seafood, Steak.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!

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  1. I would try Andreas in Waldwick, a casual BYOB that would fit your budget, or I Gemelli, the former Aldo and Gianni's in South Hackensack, also BYOB. For a higher budget, Oceanos in Fair Lawn is an excellent Greek inspired seafood restaurant but the liquor, full bar, would certainly add to your costs. For Spanish, try El Cid in Paramus, known for hugh steaks and lobsters. While the steaks are certainly not the very best quality, this restaurant is very popular but might be a bit more expensive, also full bar.

    I Gemelli
    268 Huyler St
    S. Hackensack, NJ 07606

    Andreas Ristorante
    26 E. Prospect St
    Waldwick, NJ

    2-27 Saddle River Road
    Fair Lawn, Nj

    El Cid
    205 Paramus Road
    Paramus, NjJ

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      With reference to El's not unusual for many families to order less than one entree per person, as the portions served are large and they all come with a salad, potatoes, rice and vegetables. The Steaks, Double Bone Cut Prime Rib and Seafood Selections are all large enough to share as many do.....especially if there are appetizers ordered first.

      Sharing brings the costs down significantly.

    2. oceanos and el cid are excellent choices
      oceanos is special really wonderful fish
      el cid is great for lobsters and noisy scene
      oceanos is my choice total at most 50 total per person raw bar is a treat
      desserts not so much
      good salads too

      for a very different restaurtant a mano in ridgewood for a real naples style pizza
      great oven and wonderful pasta dishes best of all is the gelato and nutella pizza

      real best of all is byob nice liquoor store acrosss the stree
      happy eating and you can invite me and my wife if you need to fill the table

      1. For price, Andrea;'s and I Gemelli are good - Gemelli is a BYOB - we ate there Saturday night and it was really outstanding. Have come across no advertsing or reviews for this place, and yet they were packed through word-of-mouth - seemed like everyone there had been there before. Would highly recommend.