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Sep 29, 2009 10:38 AM

3 days in LA- best street food, Asian food, Mexican?

Hi all

I've only been to LA once, and had about a day there. Next week, however, I'm there from Thursday to Sunday.... and I want to eat! I'm in NYC, and while we have great food here I'd love to get some LA gems that aren't something likely to find elsewhere (or at least in NYC).

I'm particularly interested in recommendations for Mexican food (which in NY is embarrassing), Korean, Japanese, street carts, anything that is unique or very notable. Price range is pretty across the board but nothing too crazy- I'd probably cap it at around $100 a person, but also happy to try $5 sandwiches that stand out.

Can you recommend LA-specific deliciousness for a weekend?

Many thanks for any suggestions!

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    1. For Mexican -- specifically Oaxacan -- check out Monte Alban, on Santa Monica Blvd. between Barrington and Bundy in West Los Angeles -- almost, but not quite, to the city of Santa Monica.

      1. Quick & tasty options in downtown LA: -- Jury Duty lunch?!?!?

        1. Which part of town will you be in and how far are you willing to travel?

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            I'm staying on Figueroa between Colorado and York... is that Highland Park? Happy to travel say up to an hour if that's reasonable. Thanks to all for the above responses so far!

          2. How about going one evening to the Mexican street food vendors on Breed St. (just north of Cesar E. Chavez in Boyle Heights)? They're there from 7ish to 11ish nightly. Fantastic quezadillas (DF-style) and sopes with unusual ingredients like squash blossoms and huitlacoche and picadillo; good barbacoa; good tacos de guisado (stew); great enchiladas...

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              i wholeheartedly endorse the mexican street food vendors in boyle heights! mmm!