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Budd Lake - Randolph, NJ

Help!!! I am going to be in the Budd Lake - Randolph, NJ area on business and am desperate for advice on where to eat. After a long day, I don't really want to travel too far - no more than a half hour from this location. Fine dining is okay; so is a dive, as long as the food is good. Thanks

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  1. Rockpile, if you haven't already done so you should check the Tri-State Region board. There have been a few (mighty few!) posts there about Randolph.

    1. I used to live in Budd Lake (for a very short time). We never went out to dinner. There was nowhere to go.

      1. La Strada in Randolph www.lastradarestaurant.com at 1105 Route 10, (973)584-4607 is a very nice upscale italian restaurant you might enjoy. Also Hunan Taste Chinese Restaurant, 29 Broadway, Denville, NJ (973)627-9188 www.hunantaste.com
        Blossom Asian Bistro, 181 Howard Blvd, #G, Mt. Arlington, NJ. ; Matar's Restaurant, 1115 CR 517, Allamuchy, NJ (908)852-2300, www.mattars.com

        1. If you are willing to travel down Interstate 80 into the Parsippany/Booton area, here's a few places popular with the locals:

          Noodle Chu (Chinese)http://offthebroiler.wordpress.com/20...

          Reservoir Tavern (pizza)http://offthebroiler.wordpress.com/20...

          Eccola (Italian)

          Hunan Noodle House (Chinese

          In Morris Plains if you are looking for a pub/bar type place to hang and have an inexpensive steak, there's Collin's Pub and Arthur's Tavern, both across the street from each other


          Closer to where you will be staying there are the following places, but I have never been to any to attest to their quality, but I have heard only good things.:

          The Black Forest Inn in Stanhope

          Attilio's Tavern in Dover

          Muldoon's in Ledgewood

          You will also find some nice places down Route 206 in Flanders/Mount Olive, but the names escape me at the moment......and there are also plenty of places down Route 10....including a Golf driving range in Randolph if you need to unwind.

          1. You could also head south from Budd Lake to the Long Valley Pub & Brewery. I believe it was the first brew pub in New Jersey. I haven't been for a long time but I still see a lot of favorable comments on-line.


            1. I'd visit Plaka Greek Taverna on Route 10 (In the Staples, Kmart plaza)


              I am actually going there tonight, for a Gyro and Greek Salad, GF always loves the vegetable mousaka

              It's a great place, things are always fresh.

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                I second Plaka. I went for the first time in December and have been back twice since. I'm eating my way through the menu!

                1. re: bropaul

                  We are doing the same thing! My only advice on Plaka would be to not go too late. They sort of wind down around 8pm (although they will still feed you). Hmmm, now I have a hankering for Greek food!

                  1. re: njkori

                    I was there last Saturday and it didn't seem to be slowing down afteer 8:00. Everything was delicious, as usual. Our server informed us, however, that they will be moving to another - still unknown- location. They were taking e-mail addresses so they could let customers know when they open up. It was not clear to me how long they'd still be at their present location.

                    1. re: bropaul

                      Good to know on the move! I'll make sure we check the website or call before we go, but it doesn't sound like it will be too soon. BTW, it was probably a weekday when we were there late. They were down to one cook (not the regular chef), and one server. Food was delicious as usual, but it felt like they were ready to leave.

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                        Looks like the location in the Staples plaza is closed. Please tell me they moved, and they're not gone forever?

                        1. re: njkori

                          Yelp lists Plaka as being closed. My understanding was that the restaurant planned to move "a little farther up" Route 10 but maybe that never happened.

                          1. re: njkori

                            Yes, I called the number a week or so ago and it was disconnected. I think the fact that the server was taking e-mail addresses so that they could inform clients suggests a move, not a disappearance. Maybe they are remodeling a place. Lord knows there are enough vacancies. Let's just hope that they re-open and the new place has a little more atmosphere.

                            1. re: bropaul

                              If anyone hears of their new location, please post on this board. I miss their food.

                              1. re: bropaul

                                We miss it too, in a big way! And no good substitutes that I know of.

                  2. If you are looking for Italian, Forte's on Route 10 in Randolph is definitely your best bet.