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Sep 29, 2009 10:06 AM

Is there anywhere to buy salmon roe/caviar and pollack roe (myung nan jut) in the area?

Are there any grocery or food stores that regularly carry either salmon roe/caviar or pollack roe? I suspect some Korean grocery stores might have pollack roe in the freezer section but am not sure which one would have it on a regular basis. As for salmon roe (ikura), I'm not sure where to look since the Japanese grocery stores in the area are all pretty small. I would prefer not to go to Dean and Deluca for it, though I know they have salmon roe once in awhile. Anywhere else?


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  1. Super H/H Mart have pollack roe, both frozen and in the refrigerator case. They also have salmon roe.

    1. Hinata in Bethesda always has it and I am pretty sure that Daruma carries it as well.