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Mt. Pleasant, SC, best places

I am quite familiar with the downtown Charleston options, but not so much with Mt. Pleasant and environs. Please provide some of the most superb possibilities. Thanks...

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  1. Do you want casual or more upscale? As far as casual dining, I don't think you can beat the Boulevard Diner. The Mustard Seed, owned by the same people, is also very good, but a little more upscale. I also love the Old Village Post House. It is run by the Maverick Kitchen group, which also owns SNOB and High Cotton downtown.

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      Just ate at Boulevard on Monday. Not sure what happened, because it use to be good two years ago, but nothing on my plate was any good. Could not eat more than one or two bites of anything. Green bean casserole was just junky and gross. Speckled butter beans (frozen?) and totally tasteless. Okra, over breaded and over fried. could not even taste any okra flavor at all. They currently make great Southern dishes and vegetables taste awful. I felt bad as a Southerner if northern visitors eat there and think that's Southern food. It's not even a mediocre example of how good Southern stuff can be. The wait staff is super! And I'm sorry to say anything negative because I so want it to be good. But it wasn't and turned out to be a $30 bad lunch for two. My fried chicken livers were way over cooked, too breaded and dark dark brown from old grease. My friends Salmon salad was good according to him. I will not return ever and it use to be a 'drive to' favorite.

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        Yes, Boulevard is no good, shrimp and grits are terrible, had a cheese omelet there and the cheese was a slice of thick cheese that didn't even melt, so it was like eating a slab of cheese with a little thin egg around it...bad.

    2. I've always had very good meals at Red Drum Gastropub. Friends seem to like the Greek place next door, but I've not been and am totally blanking on the name. It's been several months since I've been, but if you're looking for dinner, Jacob's Kitchen is pretty good.

      For lunch/sandwiches/salads, Village Bakery (owned by same people who own Mustard Seed and Boulevard Diner) and Square Onion are both quite good.

      And I've heard mixed reviews on Langdon's. Not really that it's not good, but that it's perhaps overpriced.

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        Betsy, go ahead, give it up, and move on down here with us! :)
        I agree with all your recs. I also like Seewee, Locklear's and Atlanticville is my favorite.

        The Greek place is Samos, and it is very good.

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          I also can recommend Red Drum Gastropub! Had a wonderful dinner there recently.

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            Yes, Red Drum is great. It has quite the bar scene too. I love Bacco and the pizza place just down the sidewalk-actual Italian people own it.

          2. I somehow discovered Coco's Cafe which is located in the shopping center with Staples and Whole Foods. I enjoy going there everytime I visit Isle or Palms and Wild Dunes. It is French food and I have always enjoyed it. It is not the classic low country cuisine but try the flounder.

            Coco's Cafe
            3540 Club Dr, Lawrenceville, GA 30044

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                Shoot. That's disappointing ... second one of my MP favorites that bit the dust.

            1. Don't forget the Long Point Grill. it's off the beaten path, but as part of the Sal group, there is no question this is one of my fav Mt. P places to eat. Not too fancy, reasonable prices, and outstanding food. Always.

              1. Langdon's for updated Southern Cuisine. On Shellmore off of 17
                Post House on Pitt Street. Excellent and focused menu, surprisingly moderate prices.
                Samos for Greek. On Coleman Blvd.
                Liberty for new american. On the access road leading to Publix. This is a chain restaurant with surprisingly good food. New to the area.
                Settee for Italian. Just after Shem Creek
                Mustard Seed for Mediteranian. On Chuck Dawley.
                Bamboo for Thai. On Coleman. Not as good as Basil, but good enough if you don't want to head downtown.
                I have been told that Neil Jordan's is a very good steakhouse. In the Super WalMart shopping center out on 17.

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                  Loved Neil Jordan's, was there probably about 3 months ago. Food was great, martini was perfect, very nice attentive service.

                2. Red Drum only if you are not interested in conversation. The noise level is intense--more pub than gastro. Texting might work, though.

                  I'd recommend Old Village Post House at the high end, Okra Grill at the other.

                  1. Should add 17 North Roadside Kitchen which has opened since I first posted on this thread. Brett McKee from Oak Steakhouse downtown opened this comfort food place. Went in late December and had a good meal. Husband's fried chicken was wonderful and better than my shortrib, but no complaints about the short rib either.

                    Someone mentioned how loud Red Drum is. This place is pretty loud, too.

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                      17 North looks like it could have been an old "juke house" or "road house" as you may call it in SC. We call em Juke Houses in MS. Looks like they may have bought a closed down run down joint and fixed it up.

                      Look at the front page of their website. I congratuate them for doing it. Sure did make a nice place out of it.


                      17 North
                      3563 N Hwy 17, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

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                        It was some kind of BBQ spot if I remember right. I haven't been but plan on going soon. I love the thought of having vegetables straight from their garden.

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                            And it was far from being run down. OINK spent alot of $$$ on that place.

                    2. If you are looking for casual - some of the best sandwiches and salads can be found at Stack's Coastal Kitchen in Mt Pleasant, near the Ben Sawyer Bridge on Hwy 17 in a Bi-Lo shopping center. They do a lot of take out but have 7 or 8 tables to eat in. Mostly a lunch place. Everything is made from scratch, and delicious. Perfect take out for a trip to nearby Sullivan's Island. Yum.


                      For dinner and a bit fancier than Stack's, Graze which went in the old Coco's Cafe space (by Mt Pleasant Whole Foods) is quite good and has a great happy hour for drinks and small plates. Also Eurasia in same shopping center is nice but slightly pricier than Graze.