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Sep 29, 2009 09:12 AM

Best place to host a cocktail party in New Orleans ?? Oct 24th

My company is hosting a cocktail party for business guests on Oct 24th and I need suggestions.

We already checked with Muriel's, Commanders Palace, Bacco, NOLA and Pat O'Briens - none of them are available on Oct 24th or can't accomodate our budget ($30 pp + tax and gratuity for 100 people).


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  1. Call Lina Sins @ Arnaud's to see if they can work something out in the ballroom upstairs.
    Arnaud's is great for this as your clients can go thru the Germaine Wells museum as
    they socialize. @ $ 30 your food choices are limited Then if some want to stay for dinner that option is also there.

    Another would be the 2nd floor of the Napoleon House. I've done that venue for 75 - their
    menu is alot less in general and $ 30 should be able to work.

    Do it this week as that is a HUGE wedding weekend.

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      1. re: savory south

        Arnaud's did a smaller event for us some years ago. It was only about 15, and we did do the dinner for all that night. Do not recall the cost, but it WAS many years back. We enjoyed, as did all of our guests.

        Good call,


      2. If you have the ability to travel, Cure has been known to close the back patio to the general public during regular hours (they open at 5) so that private parties can use the outdoor space.

        1. I would call Ralphs on the Park. For large parties, they have very resonable prices!

            1. I do not know about that date, but Broussard's did similar for an event for us. Now, we did also do dinner for 250 afterwards, but for the reception in the courtyard, they did a wonderful job.

              Good luck,