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Sep 29, 2009 08:41 AM

pesto pine nuts or walnuts?

lots of basil in the garden....about to make pesto....
usually make it with pine nuts but walnuts sound intriguing in a recipe i recently saw....

what do you use? i wonder how macadamia would be?

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  1. I have a recipe which uses cashews, which I'm planning on trying soon. Wish I could remember what the herb was, though! Maybe Vietnamese coriander, or some type of mint? Something I have growing anyway.

    Anyway I think a lot of people never use pignolia, I don't think most commercially prepared ones do either.

    1. I always use roasted macadamia nuts in my pesto and about half the amount of what you would normally put in with the garlic, its good and if you have alot of basil, pesto freezes up really nice in some small portion cups. Both at work and at home I always keep a large amount of pesto on hand as a staple ingredients finishing an alot of different dishes.

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      1. re: ZagChef

        Coll that sounds real good. do you have a recipe?

        I love the idea of the nut mix! thanks all!

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          Haven't made it yet, but got the idea from a thread about cinnamon basil. I only grew regular basil this year, but have Vietnamese cilantro (which I love as opposed to regular cilantro), chocolate and pineapple mint, and lemon verbena. Thinking of using a regular recipe but different nuts and herbs to make a few different batches, as they are all running wild as opposed to the basil (I think it got weevils or something, it's not happy). How bad could it be? Then freeze for flavoring sauces and soups, if nothing else, over the winter.
          Also am going to put all of those in vinegar for winter salads. Just haven't found the time yet........

      2. Over the years I've always had to use up the nuts stored in the pantry.....I have used all in pesto sauce with compliments and nary a complaint:

        Pine nuts

        1. I'm not a huge fan of pine nuts, so I usually use almonds. I'm sure walnuts would probably work, too.

          That's one of the things I love about pesto, how flexible the recipe can be, not just with the nuts but also with the herbs.

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          1. re: writergeek313

            Im also not a big fan of Pine Nuts-so I always use walnuts- works great!

          2. Walnuts are fine. I've used pecans also. But I still like pine nuts.

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            1. re: Bat Guano

              In Argentina, I found walnut pesto often alongside marinara on home made noodles.