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Sep 29, 2009 08:24 AM

The Good Knight

Just wanted to put a review in for the food at this little bar on east 6th. We were looking for late night dining (after 9pm) after seeing San Jose Taiko at the Long Center. We weren't in the mood for Austin diner standbys or an overly pricey downtown meal. After a failed attempt to try out Frank in the warehouse district (closed for a private party) we decided on our second choice, The Good Knight. And, I'm so glad we stopped in.

I really like the feel of this place: not overly pretentious, dark and cozy, with a friendly staff. The food was also wonderful. They have a very small menu here but are doing good things with what they do serve. Our server was quick to report that they were out of the gazpacho but had substituted a lentil soup (which I saw a near by table enjoying). The rotating pate selection was a chicken liver mousse (another near by table had this and from their ecstatic expressions this is definitely on my to try list for the next visit). My SO and I decided to keep it simple and both ordered the Chicken Pot Pie. Served in a smallish soup bowl (the little brown ones with handles that you often see french onion soup in) the portion looked small upon arrival but was just right for our later meal. They have also managed to take a dish that can be heavy, clunky and overbearing and make it a creamy thing of beauty. The sauce was definitely made with real cream and well seasoned with hints of thyme. Swimming in this sauce were nice chunks of chicken (tasted like roasted breast meat), large but perfectly tender hunks of carrot, potato, and slivers of mushrooms. This was topped with a delicate and flaky puff pastry topper. We both cleaned the bowls, but were satisfied with portion.

We followed this with the dessert options. The SO had the chocolate pot de creme. Served in a teacup, this was nothing overly special. But, it didn't fall into the pitfalls that plague this dish at so many other restaurants. There was no icky skin, the cream on top was fresh, and it didn't taste like JELLO brand with a fancy name. Instead it was rich and had a dark chocolate flavor that the SO loved. I had the bruleed coconut chess pie. A nice slice of pie was served with a light blue berry topping (with real berries!). The coconut and sugar on top had been freshly bruleed to give it a crackly top. And, the chess filling was oh so good.

I'm really impressed with the quality of food being served here in what appears to be a microscopic kitchen. It's a great later night option. They don't try to overpack their menu with too many options, and I think this lends itself to the success of our meal. I'll also say that I was impressed with the cocktail menu and the bartender seemed very knowledgeable. I just had a Kir Royale to start and the SO had a draft beer, but I look forward to returning and branching out on the cocktail menu.

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  1. I agree. I wanted to visit this place based on a good review on Went there with some friends for cocktails and conversation. A very nice experience.

    The waitress was able to recommend cocktails for my friends, who aren't cocktail-savvy, that they enjoyed. She was polite and friendly. The bartender was able to find the recipe for an obscure drink I was interested in trying. We ordered the cheese plate. It was quite good. I would have wanted more than two cheeses, but that is a quibble.

    The juke box is nice. Robert Johnson, Beatles, Miles Davis, Pogues, some more obscure blues... good stuff.

    The booths are partially hidden by drapes that give a sort of tent effect. Really nice when you want just to spend some time with a friend or two. And the jukebox isn't too loud.

    It is dark. This is a good thing and a bad thing, in my opinion. The darkness lends a really nice ambiance to the room. However, the menu was hard for me to read. If the type was bigger... But that is another minor criticism. Perhaps it is just my age...

    Looking forward to taking a friend coming in for ACL.

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      Yes I have had nothing but good experiences there. The wait staff is really nice, the tables are comfortable. The atmosphere is unique and casual... I've liked my cocktails and that coconut cake mentioned above!