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Sep 29, 2009 07:29 AM

sugar free pies in GTA?

I am looking for sugar free pies (or other baked goodies). They are for a diabetic who can not have sugar substitutes either - so no splenda, equal, agave... I tried MacMillan Orchards in Ajax - they use subs...

Is there anywhere in the GTA that has such offerings?

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  1. Fruit naturally has sugar in them (Fructose)

    One apple (or some other fruit) may or may not be fine, but a pie would have maybe 20 apples (someone please confirm; I don't bake) which would considerably effect blood sugar levels.

    However, since I am not a diabetic yet, I would like to know where to get some no sugar added pies as well.

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      The apples may be ok to consume if your diabetic, but it's the rest of what constitutes a pie that may send blood sugar readings sky high.

      The deal about diabetic eating is portion control and low glycemic index foods. A diabetic can have a slice of pie but has to adjust what ever else you eat, preferably a meal should not be more than 60 grams of carbs. You might want to broaden your thinking when it comes to dessert type things.. An apple crumble made with an oatmeal topping might be much more tolerable..

      I sjust spoke to th eCanadian distributors of Pomona Pectin, a form of pectin that doesn't rquire ANY sugar to set, so that might be a direction to go. The pectin will give the dessert body without adding a lot of carbs.

    2. Daiter's on Bathurst between Wilson and Lawrence "bakes a large selection of sumptuous sugar free pastries and pies", acc to their site ( Haven't tried them myself - can anyone comment? I'm also on the look-out for good sugar-free pies.

      1. Kensington Natural Bakery on Bloor Street, just east of Bathurst.
        460 Bloor Street West
        416 534-1294
        The staff are wonderful. They offer a large variety of vegan as well as organic and all natural baked goods. They also make sugar free baked goods for diabetics. I'm not sure if they use substitutes. They also have a second location on Sheppard. Here's the website for more info...

        1. Charlotte's Foods in Richmond Hill sells deserts with no added sugar. I can't find a website, but there are a few reviews here:

          1. Madeline Sperry makes sugar-free desserts at Flaky Tart. You have to order in advance.