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Sep 29, 2009 07:20 AM


Tried to call them last night, and let the phone ring 20 times, ... no answer.
I went to the store at Woodbine and Queen, at 6:30, and it was closed. Hmmmm... I wonder?

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    1. re: CeeQueue

      I agree! Consider yourself lucky!

    2. I've only tried them twice in the last 15 yrs. The food is ok but way expensive! Dinner for 4 sometimes came up to about $65 sometimes.

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      1. re: TOchowgal

        The taste was okay, but every time I got Ho Lee Chow in Toronto, they cheaped out so badly on the meat that it was ridiculous. I ordered a chicken and veggie dish one time, and there were four pieces of chicken the size of quarters in it... all the rest was green peppers and onion and sauce. Disgusting! To top it off, I ordered a dozen Ho Lee Chow spring rolls (I like the flavour) and there was so little meat in them that they were nearly two dimensional.

        At least they have good customer service. I let the head office know how unacceptable the meal was and they gave me a credit to my account for the value of the meal. I moved to Ottawa, and decided to give their location up here a try since I had the credit, expecting it to be equally terrible... and I ended up being very pleasantly surprised! Certainly not authentic and not nearly my favourite Canadian Chinese, but it was actually very good in terms of the flavours and portions. I will probably order again if in the neighbourhood.

      2. They're renovating that location. Details are on Ho Lee Chow's website.

        1. Consider this a narrow escape. Miniscule, expensive portions devoid of tast. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

          1. The website is down and the phone line has a message confirming that they are out of business -- blaming the economic downturn.

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            1. re: caviartothegeneral

              I just walked by and there is a notice on the door from the landlord. While it's unfortunate that people have lost their jobs, that particular Ho Lee Chow was pretty bad.

              1. re: ms. clicquot

                The odd thing is that the main website that serves all locations is no longer present. That suggests to me that the head office closed also.

                1. re: foodyDudey

                  The web hosting firm's default page is up now. That could imply that they weren't paying their bills, which could mean they're in bad financial shape. Or that they're disorganized (Microsoft accidentally let one of their domains expire a few years ago).

                  It could also mean that they're having hosting problems, which could mean anything from their hosting provider is now frantically restoring backups for a thousand domains include Ho Lee Chow's to a badly coordinated transfer to another provider.