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Sep 29, 2009 07:10 AM

Birthday Dinner for Two- Any ideas?

Hi all-

Hoping you can help me out. Am looking for somewhere to take my husband for his birthday in a week and a half. I prefer to stay in Monmouth County to limit the time we need a babysitter. Pricewise, I am willing to spend for a good meal, but would rather not break the bank. And am looking for something a little nicer than the average Asbury Park/Red Bank (where we have had some unfortunate over priced mediocre meals as of late) haunts that we tend to go to. We have already tried (and really liked) both Nicholas and Trinity. Moonstruck is a been there done that experience as well. I would like to try someplace new. I enjoy more simple food where the ingredients do the talking (Craft over WD-50). He likes big flavors. Not a big fan of most Italian but could be swayed...


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    Have you tried Greek? This particular restaurant comes highly recommended by CH's. My dh & I love the simple food and the fresh, authentic ingredients DO the talking here.

    Another lovely place for two celebrating an occasion is


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    1. I can highly recommend Belford Bistro!

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        Another nice one is Daniel's Bistro. Though it's just over the Monmouth / Ocean county line.

        Daniel's Bistro and Belford Bistro are both BYOB.


      It's getting a bit chilly for their outdoor dining area but if you crave Cuban, this restaurant is also quite nice for a celebration. Inside dining room is nice too. Killer Mojitos.

      1. Trinity and Nicholas are in their own class in the area. If your willing to come down to the bottom of the County, however, Shipwreck in Brielle might be worth considering. Like the other two restaurants mentioned, the kitchens utilize high quality ingredients and thoughtful preparations. Also, the menu provides choices that are complex (e.g. Seared Scallops w/ Foie Gras, etc.) or simple (e.g. Raw Malpaque Oysters). Moreover, the wood-covered interior creates a warmer, prettier environment than that of some of the other places suggested in this thread. Finally, they have a liquor license!

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          Excellent recommendation MGZ. Here's the link ejdb.

        2. I really like Trinity, but if you're looking to try something new and just as good, then I'm in agreement with some of the others here, Belford Bistro would be my pick. Wonderful food, great service and lovely decor.

          As already posted it's a's the link:

          I would recommend you make reservations

          1. Thanks all, I think I have it narrowed down to either Shipwreck or Belford!