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Sep 29, 2009 06:21 AM

Best hot dogs in Westchester

In my youth, I had a favorite hot dog joint, now long since closed. In Tarrytown, NY, there's a relatively new, tiny little hot dog joint called Lubins Links. The place is about 8 feet wide, with no place to sit except sidewalk tables out front, and a small enclosed area outside in the back. However, the great hotdogs make up for that! They have a dozen or more different combos, all with homemade toppings like chili, sauerkraut, and really good spiced roasted onions.

Their soft pretzels are good, hot and fresh from the oven. My favorite lunch is a Lubins link with chili, kraut and onions, plus a soft pretzel, for $5.00 even, including tax!

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  1. Can you give a little more info? Such as what brand of dogs are served? Are they all beef or a beef/pork blend? Do they have a natural casing? How are they prepared? Grilled, griddle, deep fried, or in water? The toppings mean little to me as I prefer to taste a quality frank. If you don't start with a good dog it doesn't matter to me what you pile on it.

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      I still like Nathan's corporate in Yonkers, they are the only Nathan's I've found to have available all the sauteed onions you want, self-service. Yum!

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        They serve Sabrett hot dogs with no casings (not a fan!). I can't really recall how they're prepared...maybe in water. They're not the greatest dogs, but I do love the spicy kraut. Nothing like hot dogs in NJ, but it's a decent craving fix.

      2. Nathan's is THE place for the best hot dog. I know the environment and the place itself may not suit everyone, but if you are really looking for a hot dog w/ snap when you bite in and solid garlic flavor- these are the ones. I really dislike the taste of Walter's hot dogs. They are strangely sweet to me.

        1. We tried Lubins Links this past weekend -- they were pretty good. But I think its just that the toppings were creative, we had a nacho like dog that had tortilla chips and a spicy dog as well as a few Lubins. I would say we much preferred the Lubins than the dogs.

          For dogs, we much prefer Walters. The dogs can stand on their own, with just a touch of mustard, no frills, just a basic IMO perfect hot dog.

          1. I stopped at Lubin's today and had a Lubin (slowcooked beef) topped wtih onion relish & chipotle mayo. Very yummy altho the potato roll is so soft it provides no support or crunchy contrast to the soft, fall-apart tender beef. Next time I'll try a dog. This tiny place is offering so many different things--including mashed potatoes, egg salad, beans, mac & cheese, oven fries, chili, hot pretzels-- I don't know how they're doing it. Very friendly folks.

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                Very nice folks with innovative toppings but the dogs were nothing out of the ordinary. It took about 20 minutes to get about 6 or 7 dogs. I much prefer Walter's. Less is more. Not a big fan of a whole bunch of things on my hot dog

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                      The food truck on Harrison Avenue near the Harrison/Mamaroneck border has the best chili cheese dog I have ever had. Perfectly prepared (not overcooked) natural casing Sabrett topped with chili from Hubba Hubba -- Port Chester -- with cheese and raw onions. Hubba Hubba my former chili dog favorite uses a lower quality skinless dog but they do make great chili that really packs a kick.

                      24 N Main St, Port Chester, NY 10573

            1. In Pleasantville, Pony Express were written up in the NY Times for their grass-fed, all beef hot dogs. The brand name is Dines, Dynes? They are a "local" NY company. I believe they put their dogs on the griddle. In Valhalla, at So Damn Hot, they do a split dog, which is pretty good, not sure on the brand. Charcael's in Thornwood also does dogs. They are an extension of the Charcael's Hotdog Truck. Not sure about what brand. Out of the three, I go with So Damn Hot.

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                Walter's makes a god hot dog and there soda is always well carbonated and never flat

                The question I ask is what kind of meat (if it is meat) are Walter's hot dogs actually made of my vote is its not all beef if beef at all

                1. re: pnyklr

                  Walter's hot dogs are made by Boars Head. They are a mix of 1/3 beef, 1/3 pork, and 1/3 veal.