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Dairy & Soy free milk subsitute that tastes similar to milk - found!

I am so excited about this. I have been trying to cut down on dairy, especially milk, although I do eat yogurt and cheese sometimes. I have been having a very hard time finding a milk subsittute that tastes good but also had the consistency of regular milk. I currently use almond, rice and hemp milk but still didn't get the consistency of regular milk.

I then found Rice Universe Thai rice + quinoa milk this morning at the Yonge & College Metro (it is on the same shelf as the soy milk, almond milk etc.) and it is so good! It does have a bit of an after taste because of the quinoa but it is yummy just the way it is or on cold cereal. I have yet to add it to coffee. So will do that soon and report back.

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  1. that's great...I will give it a try next time I am there. thanks for doing the research!

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      No problem. I really like it so far as I have had it twice. So much better than almond, rice and hemp milk.

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        I have converted my SO to almond and soy milks from regular milk. I myself have a hard time drinking them, though. I drank soy milk as a baby and have never really liked it, even though I'm a fan of tofu. Almond milk has an odd taste for me, though when I've made it fresh from sprouted raw almonds, I've preferred the taste. In general, I find rice milk gritty. I'm looking forward to trying the quinoa and rice milk. I hope it's a winner for me. Have you tried using it in cooking or in hot tea or coffee?

    2. Interesting, I'll have to give that a try.

      So Good is now making products with coconut milk and they're quite good. They have a coconut milk yogurt, but only saw this in the States. My SO loved it, although I found it a little too sweet. They also make coconut milk ice cream that is also sweetened naturally (no sugar). Tried a couple flavours (chocolate and cookie dough) and both were very, very good. I'd highly recommend the ice cream. I found it at the Healthy Butcher and it's not cheap (~$8 for a container, I believe).

      1. Thanks for sharing this info. I regularly drink rice milk but I like the idea of adding quinoa.

        1. Excellent! Thanks for the recon. Will try it.

          1. What's the consistency? I find rice milk too thin and runny.

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              This is a bit thicker than rice milk because they have a bit of almond oil in it.

              The ingredients are rice, quinoa, almond oil and one other ingredient.

              I heated it up this morning and it was so awesome to have warm "milk" again. You do smell the quinoa a bit and it does have a bit of a quinoa aftertaste so if you don't like quinoa, you may have to get used to it.

              I also contacted the comoany that makes it and they sent me the distributors info but he is in Quebec. I can post it here if anyone is interested.

            2. The Yonge & College Metro doesn't carry it anymore :(

              I work around there, so I try and go check to see if it is available almost everyday. I will try and contact someone from Rice Universe to see if they carry it at another store in Toronto.

              1. Isn't lactose free milk as good as going dairy free?

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                  I imagine this depends on why you're going dairy-free. It's different if you're doing it because you're lactose intolerant vs. doing it for vegan reasons or because of other issues you may have with the dairy industry.

                  Let me know what you hear from Rice Universe TOchowgal!