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Sep 29, 2009 01:17 AM

purple yam.. yum!!

so, i'm procrastinating from studying.. what? i got really hungry, and had to eat a purple yam. it's simply delish. it's the autumn, season of yams and potatos!
i'm interested in making a sweet potato pie with purple yam.
at least it'll amuse my little cousin with the purple.
i'm just wondering what differences would you consider from a regular sweet potato pie recipe in this situation?
maybe a little sweeter? purple yams are not that sweet.
btw, if you want to try some of that sweet purple yam. asian markets are selling them right now.
san gabriel valley or any given 99 ranch market, maybe thai and philipino markets have them too.

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  1. Not to be a nitpicker, but are you talking about yams or sweet potatoes? The two are quite distinct, the yam being a very large tuber from Africa and the sweet potato being what we traditionally eat up here for occasions like Thanksgiving. It strikes me that you meant to latter but I just wanted to be clear.

    1. We went on a culinary tour of Boston's Chinatown this past June. I believe the purple yams are "Okinawa yams". The tour guide, a former professional chef, said they weren't well known in this country but he expected them to become the next new thing. I was recently shopping in NYC, saw the yams but was looking for something else. I figured I would buy some yams when I found the other thing I was looking for ... and then I didn't see any more purple yams and couldn't remember which stand had them. Dumb! I thought the purple yams were sweeter than regular sweet potatoes.

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        I think Okinawan yams (murasaki imo) is different from filipino purple yam (ube)-- I've never seen ube in Boston, unfortunately, but I'd be overjoyed if they did show up somewhere! :)

        1. re: dfrostnh

          btw, the purple yam so delish. i love to nuke it in the microwave and eat it for breakfast while driving to school.

        2. Is it ube? If so, I'd say give it a try with a regular recipe! I'm not sure that they're significantly less sweet, though in my experience most sweet potato pie recipes are already so sweet that they could stand to be less so... Purple yam is usually cooked with evaporated and/or condensed milk anyway, so it's mostly just a matter of adding some eggs and you've got pie filling :) You might want to put them through a food mill or sieve after you boil them, to make sure the consistency is even. The idea of cinnamon, nutmeg, etc., with purple yam seems a bit strange, but that's probably just because when I see it, I expect the "regular" sweetened purple yam (ube halaya) flavor :)

          1. Are you referring to the purple peruvian potatoes or golden flesh sweet potatoes with purple skin (in Canada they're marketed as Purple Sweeties)?

            1. i want to make a pie with the okinawa ones, perhaps in similar fashion as sweet potatos....
              relatively pale ugly skin.
              it's the season now, i always see them in chinese/korean supermarkets in autumn.
              maybe i won't put so much nut meg