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Sep 29, 2009 01:08 AM

Trader Joe's Anonymous

I consider myself to be a rational person. I know I should eat in moderation. I am also a busy person. I know it is a waste of gas and time to circle around a parking lot ten times in order to find a non-existent space. During off peak hours. Yet, I endure the nonsense anyway. Why? That's right, TJ's snacks are addicting.

I just went through half a bag of BAKED cheese puffs. First of all, no one eats baked cheese puffs. They only taste good oozing with oil. Second, no one eats half a bag per sitting. That's just...gross. I did it anyway. And it's past midnight..

Why, TJ's snacks are addicting.

The same thing happened with their chocolate chip cookies. I was disappionted that they no longer stocked their organic chocolate chip variety. So I had to "settle" for their non organic variety. Instant addiction. They're actually too dangerous to buy since I believe I'm capable of eating an entire tin in one sitting.

I picked up their pecan cookies out at random. Same thing. Literally could not stop eating them.

It's not fair. I'm trying to be sensible about portions.

Crazy atmosphere. Check. Nonexistent parking. Check. Dorky, talk too much, immature wanna be rockers and gothers manning every checkout aisle. Check.

But the cookies. And the cheese puffs. My goodness. And they cost next to nothing.


Yes, I'm an addict. Sad, but true. Fellow addicts, revel and/or confess here.

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  1. Now after reading this NewDude, I have to go finish off my stash of all butter shortbread cookies with chocolate filling from TJ's. But I'm saving the bag of sweet potato chips for lunch. I noticed last week that my store already has chocolate truffles in. Sigh. So buttery good that my friend's aunt passed them off as homemade at a holiday party. I managed to resist buying the truffles but those shortbread cookies just jumped into my cart. TJ's snaks are da devil.

    1. I can't buy the candied pecans for the same reason!

      Or the coconut chocolate almond candies...

      Or the kettle corn...

      Or chocolate covered pretzels...

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      1. re: coney with everything

        Coney honey, I was just at Tyngsboro MA, and there was no sign of the TJ's version of Almond Joy - nor an empty spot on the shelf.....I would have left in almond sorrow had I not discovered that after an absence of at least 5 years, the assorted all-natural dog treats are back! Last time they had them I purchased them for a pair of greyhounds who have been dead for years now. But if you look up at the Harvest Moon and see in the night sky a golden glow coming from the general direction of Boston, it is the joy emanating from a certain trio of newer greyhounds who have just had their first taste of the cheese, chicken, bacon, and peanut butter goodies. Really, they smell good enough that I am myself tempted....
        Though you wouldn't know it to look at me, I have no problem limiting my intake of snacks (it's the pasta and spuds that are my downfall, especially if cheese is involved, and even more so if that cheese is TJ's English Cheddar with Caramelized Onion). I try not to get too attached to anything at TJ's, since evanescence seems to be their stock and trade. I hope the hounds, who are clueless about such matters, are not let down by TJ's!

        1. re: greygarious

          Well, greygarious, now I'll have to look for the almond coconut goodies and the doggie treats!

          I agree, don't get too attached to TJ treats...the Tom Yum snacks, the ultimate chocolate sauce...actual Terra chips and not the TJ version...RIP

          1. re: coney with everything

            ...and, the TJ's I checked still had the little sign up for the coconut chocolate treats, but the shelf was all filled in with the mini peanut butter cups...oh well.

          2. re: greygarious

            My name is Dommy and I am a Crunchy Curls addict... especially when I found out they were even BETTER than duritos to sprinkle with hot sauce and squeeze lime over... Hmmmmmmmmm...


        2. I refrain from buying the jalapeno cheese curls, and triple ginger snaps for the same reason.
          Vaccuum fried bananas
          Vanilla wafers in the plastic tubs
          Potato chips in the light blue beg, etc, etc

          1. Hi, my name is Juju and I'm addicted to TJs maple creme cookies, their triple ginger snaps and the joejoes. (doesn't matter what flavor!)

            1. Guess I'm lucky. My local TJ's has some non-crazy parking lot times. You can weasel on-street parking most of the time too, if you don't mind a short walk. I mainly avoid snacks, but an a victim to some of the chocolate bars they sell. Not a choco-noisseur, just can't not finish one once it's open.