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Sep 28, 2009 10:44 PM

Request for Sonoma Winery Preferences $30 - $40

Out country folks are heading to Sonoma County this weekend and plan to hit wineries in Russian River Valley, Alexander Valley, Dry Creek Valley and Sonoma County - time permitting. Budgeting to hit $30 -$40, reds and whites. So far have Joseph Swan, Hartford, De Loach, Porter Creek, Merry Edwards, Chasseur, Frie Brothers, Kenwood as picks. We need to do some route mapping so would appreciate any assistance to hit some real gems from these wine regions. Ideally boutique / low volume producers that take appointments and wines that typically we cannot get up here in Canada. Also are there any vintages, from this region, say in the last 5 years that flopped? Thinking any year that suffered due to weather / poor soil conditions / disease.

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  1. Gary Farrell. Beautiful grounds, views and tasting room shoudln't be missed as well as the Hallberg Pinot. Well...most GF Pinots are good. Can't really go wrong.
    Marimar Vineyards a good visit for sure.
    Fritz Winery is a must.

    On the way south, Matanzas creek is nice with some good juice.

    If you go Yountville way, stop in Hope and Grace for their Pinots and Carmenere.

    MeatBoy says check it out.

    1. Preston is great - beautiful setting, all organic/sustainable production. They also make olive oil which is very good. I'm also a fan of Christopher Creek in healdsburg very small production, everyone there is very nice.

      1. Arista has great wine and a beautiful location.

        7015 Westside Road Healdsburg, CA 95448

        also Armida is just down the road and very good.

        1. Martinelli wines are fantastic, especially the Jackass Hill Zin......if you can get some that is.

          Good luck.