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Sep 28, 2009 10:36 PM

Baking with asiago....

My wife and I are baking some savory muffins, and we've been topping them with asiago. We are looking for the cheese to get that golden brown color. During the last batch, we took the muffins out halfway through baking and topped them with the asiago, but it came out only melted, and not browned. I've been thinking that maybe broiling the muffins for a minute or so might be the answer. Can anyone tell me if that's a good idea? Or is there something else we're missing?

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  1. Have you tried topping the batter with cheese before it goes into the oven? If you have, and it comes out too brown, you probably just need to tinker with your timing. If the cheese isn't melting either way, you'll want to try a softer cheese that will more readily melt and brown, or try grating it into finer pieces. Broiling is a great idea as well, just keep a very careful eye on it.

    1. When I bake yeast bread topped with asiago, I've added it from the onset of baking. It bakes at something like 45 minutes at 350F, and the cheese is nice and toasty brown.

      If you top the muffins only partway through and don't get any browning, perhaps run them quickly under the broiler?

      1. I make an olive and asiago bread (quite tasty) I just mix it in the round loaf, and I don't top it with cheese. Anything that ends up on top does brown but its not detrimental to the taste of the bread.