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Sep 28, 2009 09:54 PM


is a bust. It only costs 14 bucks a pie, and it tastes that way.

Did i hit this place on a bad night? My pizza came out within 3 minutes after we had ordered it. I guess this was nice given that we had been waiting for 40 minutes and we were hungry. But, I wondered if they just heated up a pie from a stack they had on hand. In addition, the crust was dry and bland, the sauce was equally as mediocre, and there was only one or two meager basil leaves that were swimming in my cheese.

Okay let me clarify: If I had stopped in for pizza at a random place after an evening of carousing, I would think that I'd run into some damn good pizza. Obviously the place is not run of the mill. However, Grimaldi's just isn't worth all the hype.
I admit that it's fun to eat by the promenade, and it's cheap as hell, and I had a great time, but there is no artful pizza-making here.

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  1. Yea, I think you have summed up the jury verdict on Grimaldi's. I guess it's a classic case of the curse of success. It's still fun to go there though if you can beat the lines.

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    1. re: Paulomet

      I think you summed up the verdict perfectly except for these observations - when we go there we end up spending more like $20-25 a pie - you have to get extra cheese because they skimp so much on the mozzarella and really you need toppings to make it taste good. I agree with the comment on beating the lines (there is some sort of perverse pleasure in skipping them entirely by ordering pies to take out). Are we wrong, however, to use it as our neighborhood place to get take-out pizza?

      1. re: BillyBob

        "Wrong"? Well, as much as I hate to encourage them in their existance, I guess its an ok take out place. However, for what its worth, I actually like Fascati (on Henry off of Orange) better, although the ingredients, oven, etc arent anything other than the norm for local places.

        Also, Paulomet: "the curse of success" doesnt apply here. They were never good and successful. Not these owners anyway. When they bought the place, it stopped being the place that got the reputation for quality. It's been coasting ever since. In essence, it's famous for being famous, not for the pizza.

        1. re: Steve R

          Steve: you are right about 'these owners'. Patsy Grimaldi wishes he never sold the place. Retirement isn't as fun as making the best pizza in New York.

          1. re: NYJewboy

            i wish i had tried in its glory days. oh well.
            i'm glad to have scratched it off my list.

            1. re: NYJewboy

              Interestingly enough, it looks like the original owners want to reclaim their good name by opening a new place of their own:

      2. "However, Grimaldi's just isn't worth all the hype."

        It's sure not hyped on Chowhound. The voting here goes 9 to 1 against it. Didn't you trust us?

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        1. re: Bob Martinez

          i should have done the research. if i had, mabye i would have learned that the atm machine (the only one seemingly within reasonable walking distance of cash-only-grimaldi's) charges a 4.50$ fee. is this even legal?
          i have erred it's true. but never again. power to the hounds.

          1. re: oystersallday

            when someone lists grimaldi's as one of their favorite pizza places, I look at them funny and wonder have they ever really looked for good pizza? and who's opinion is this?

            1. re: Jeffsayyes

              I don't know about the Brooklyn location, but the Grimaldi's in Hoboken still serves up great pizza. I think you have to eat it there though - somehow putting it in the cardboard box seems to drain some of the life out of it. Plain is okay - but it's better with a topping or two (I recommend the garlic cloves, pepperoni, eggplant, and broccoli - though not all at the same time).

        2. whether or not grimaldi's is worth an hour in line is up to you but I don't think it's as bad a pizza as y'all are making it out to be. Honestly, as far as that style of pizza goes (brick oven thin crust etc...) I don't know many that are better. Maybe Lucalis. Where can you get a better same style pie?

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          1. re: demigodh

            I disagree. I think it's as bad or worse.

          2. I've been in Dumbo since the late 80's. Used to eat Grimaldi's several times a year and then didn't go for a number of years (the lines, mainly). A few years ago I brought my nephew there. He was raised on Pepe's & Sally's. I told him this was right up there.
            During our meal he kept looking at me like 'huh?' I was pretty embarrassed. It was a couple of notches up the rung from Front Street Pizza (and that's not good).

            It bores me to read the silly reviews implying that people wouldn't feed someone's product to their dog----it's not as bad as that---it was perfectly edible and it was better than chain crap and better than some neighborhood places. And not as good as others. That's not a comment I could make about Pepe's on their worst day.

            I wouldn't go back after they let me down that badly and the idea of waiting in line is laughable. However this was just one recent experience and I'd totally like to read of some sort of turnaround.

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            1. re: JonL

              JonL: that was a pretty realistic description. Not poisonous filth, nor ambrosia. Maybe a half a notch above sheer mediocrity. Edible. That's all.

              Yes, New Haven pizza blows it away.

              But DiFara rules.

              1. re: NYJewboy

                This is just my opinion. Personally I think Pepe's blows Di Fara away. Personally I think Pepe's clam pie is by far the best pizza.

                1. re: irvingk

                  I have tried the clam pie, and it was very very good. However I don't think it is a valid comparison. It is so different, so unique, that it is another category altogether. Maybe DiFara vs New Haven is not a valid comparison either. When it comes to a categorical comparisons it seems to come down to subjective taste. However within the catagories, such DiFara square vs Artichoke square, it makes sense. Maybe I just don't want to see DiFara loose the title, die-hard that I am. But in a Pepe's non-topping pie vs DiFara I pick DiFara. The clams make it another world.

                  1. re: NYJewboy


                    It is all a matter of personal taste, which we all have different tastes. I think DiFara is overrated.