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Sep 28, 2009 09:23 PM

anyone know a resturant that has a private room?

looking to rent a private room or resturant that can hold 120 people? casual..maybe plates of pasta or greek food?
Any ideas?

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  1. what's your budget per person? do you want the place the whole night?

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    1. re: KzenCass

      It would be a saturday night; we would love it casual e.g. plates of food, jug winer or beer..maybe $25 per person; 80+ people.

      1. re: getting married

        Try the Griffintown Cafe ask to talk to Dylan or Clara.
        I'm not sure what their capacity is but it's worth checking out.
        it's hard to find resto's that can be booked out for a saturday and also hold that many heads.

        1. re: KzenCass

          Especially at only $25 a head. Most nice restos can do double or triple that Saturdays, easily, even before booze.