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Sep 28, 2009 09:07 PM

Desperate for zwieback!

No, it's not for die Ubertoddlerin. It's for the apple cake recipe I learned at my grandmother (of blessed memory)'s knee.

It used to be you could get them on the top shelf of the cookie display in any grocery store. Then they moved it to the centre of the baby area. Then it was the bottom shelf of the baby area. Now I can't find it anywhere.

Holland rusks will NOT do. Biscotti, despite being Italian for "zwieback", will not do. And graham crackers or wafers of any description won't do, either. It has to be zwieback.

I'm really hoping I can buy these and not have to spend the time making them. I've already made the applesauce from the Gravenstein apples I bought in Oak Glen this weekend; parsonage's emergency dessert must follow!

Please help me find it. The closer to Anaheim, the better, but I'll travel.

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  1. Have you tried places like Jons or Super King? Being French I don't really mind getting approximations of "biscottes" so it may not be what you're looking for, but I've always found some versions there. Lately I've bought a pack of "traditional toast" made in Brazil at, I think, a 99 cents store. I always find them in the crackers section. I make French-style breadcrumbs with them.
    Maybe Cost Plus would have them?

    I've recently been near a store that sold German-style sausages I think in Beverly Hills (?) and I spotted some German items on their shelves, they should have zwieback. I am sorry I can't remember the name nor the location of the store but maybe the 'Hounds will know which one I'm talking about. They sell sausages made with veal.

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      Apparently Nabisco have stopped making it as of July of last year.

      Biscottes would be about the only thing I could think of that would substitute, other than making brioche and baking it twice myself. Ca n'en vaut pas la peine, but I may have to do it anyway!

    2. Have you tried Mattern Sausage in Orange? They're obviously known for their meats (we swear by their brats), but they do have a small shopping area with various German sweets as well.

      1. check out russian markets. the market deli kashan (SP?) at santa monica and spalding has zwieback. greek or israeli, don't remember but they're there. also call van nuys german deli.

        1. Try giving a call to German Cold Cuts International in Canoga Park.

          1. I'm resurrecting your thread because today at the Jons on Santa Monica, East of Western, I found real German zwieback. Round ones, and they had regular as well as whole wheat. 99 cts a package, in the "international food section" (where they have Hungarian chestnut paste, rose petal jam and a gazillion fabulous preserves, etc. This aisle always have me hyperventilating. I'm so in love with Jons).
            So if you are in the vicinity, you can stock up!