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Sep 28, 2009 08:46 PM

Do you buy the pre-sliced deli meats/cheeses at the Supermarket deli counter.....

More and more supermarkets are pre-slicing or "shaving" the popular brands of cold cuts for quick sale at the deli- I prefer my deli meats/ cheese to be sliced fresh- something about this pre-sliced stuff that's been sitting in a bin all day with how many hands and other matter in and out of the case.....But lately I notice "attitude" from the deli staff when i ask for it to be freshly sliced......Pardon me for the inconvenience but with most of this hovering around $8 a pound and higher, please slice it for me when I ask, rather than the pre-sliced trafe you are trying to pawn off on I being picky or do you agree??

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  1. To me it would depend on the store. I wouldn't (and don't) buy the pre-sliced in any of my local stores, the deli sections are usually ghost towns. That said, the deli department of my favourite grocer where I used to live (Thrifty Foods in Tsawwassen, BC) was always extremely busy and I was assured that everything in the case, presliced or not, was always fresh. I never thought twice about being served presliced meats from their case. All depends on the store.

    1. I would rather not buy pre-sliced deli meats, because in most cases, seeing the whole sausage or ham, whatever, can be very instructive, as in "hey, that meat never came from a pig or any other animal I know of". We have an Italian restaurant supplier in Santa Monica called Guidi Marcello. There they slice imported meats and vacuum pack them for sale. Them, I trust!

      1. I won't buy pre-sliced deli meat. However, Land o Lakes American cheese for the kids is a different matter. The slices that are presliced are evn and don't break apart when pulling off the stack. The cheese when sliced by the deli help is often too thin or brittle. I don't want uneven pieces when making sandwiches for the kids.
        The supermarket I use for deli, often advertises pre-sliced deli items at very low prices. If you want sliced to order you pay more, as the store's cost are more. Last wek I was happy to pay $2.99 lb for pre sliced Land o Lakes American, it certainly wasn't worth $4.99 lb to have it sliced to order.

        1. Meat ends from the deli counter; much cheaper and we often wind up w/ good meats that we wouldn't normally buy like liverworst, corned beef and pastrami. But shhh, don't tell anyone.

          1. Nope. Absolutely refuse to. The exposed surfaces dry out and also provide a tasty platform for germ growth.

            Fortunately the store 3 blocks from the house has a decent deli counter where they slice to order, and they do a brisk enough business that the meat and cheese are fresh.