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Sep 28, 2009 08:26 PM

Bristol RI-- Ricc's North End Trattoria

Has anyone been to this new place?

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  1. Will be down there next week for a meeting with family.

    Just may try stopping by.

    1. Just had dinner with 2 friends here. The food was very good. We got the special with 2 dinners plus a bottle of wine for $30 and then one other entree. The service was great and the food was good too. I will definitely go back.

      1. I did get there for a late lunch. I had the tortelleni and my DC had the chicken parm. Both dishes were fine, as was the service. Mine was $10, the parm was $12.00 with good sized servings.

        Would go back for dinner if I'm down there for it in the future.

        1. There is a coupon available for the next 24 hours. $35.00 coupon for $15.00.

          1. I went there this past weekend. The 2 entrees and a bottle of wine for 30 dollar is great. There was 4 of us, 2 ordered chicken parm, 1 clams in white wine sauce, one gnocchi sorrentino.

            The portion for the chicken parm was great, it was a large chicken breast sliced in half. The marina was light and fresh and the chicken was perfectly cooked. However, I found the chicken lacking in texture. I'm not saying chicken parm is supposed to be crispy like fried chicken, but the breading on the chicken was soggy. Also, it was served with a small side of penne and marina which visually did not look so appealing because it looked premixxed and that it was just scooped out of a warming tray.

            The clams with linguine was pretty good (only 7 small clams though). Pasta was nicely cooked, so were the clams, but I found the clams a little seafoody (not sweet like I'm used to for clams...maybe because of the type of clam and where they're from?). I wish it was served with crusty bread to sop up all the delicious sauce.

            my favorite was my friends gnocchi. so very delicious and VERY fresh, soft and delicate. you can tell it was more than likely made on site just because of the rustic shape. I really wish I ordered that gnocchi than the clams.

            Bread and a very tasty olive oil was served, but only one small loaf for 4 of us [and it wasn't warmed].
            I want to go there again and order the gnocchi!